Discovering the ghost towns in Italy

Italy is the most beautiful country in the world, full of traditions, culture and history. But also many beautiful ones ghost towns, which must be visited at least once.

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, theItaly, that boot full of culture, traditions and a lot of history. But not only that, even many ghost townswhich few know, but which should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

The most beautiful ghost towns in Italy

Italy, just the name, gives goosebumps. That Village which talks about traditions, history, good food and many old stories. Which hosts wonderful cities and breathtaking views. That place so dreamed of by foreign tourists, who want to spend their summer and winter holidays. So many small towns to visit, many beautiful cities to see, which sometimes lose the very conception of time and space. Even if, beyond the beautiful known towns, from Milan to Rome, passing through Florence, there are also many small ones unknown villages. Places where time seems to have stopped, almost like in a glass sphere. Here, all the most beautiful unknown villages to visit at least once in a lifetime:

Old fracture

A small fraction of Scanno, a town in Abruzzo. City that takes its name from the laceration that was opened on Monte Genzana during the prehistoric era. Back in 1915, the terrible earthquake of Marsica caused a new and great rift that destroyed the city. So a small village, in which all around you are ruined stone houses, which are surrounded by a lot of vegetation. It is advisable to visit it in autumn, when the vegetation changes and takes on the colors of autumn. Place that was chosen for the film “Men and Wolves”.

Ghost towns in Italy: here are the most beautiful – Pexels by Pixabay

Caregine factories

A very particular name, in Tuscany, which derives from a past history, in which in this small town iron was produced. But after a while it declined and was transformed into a hydroelectric basin during the Fascist regime. All this led to the construction of a large dam and also the increasingly gradual sinking of the village. Which then was brought to light four more times, in 1958, 1974, 1983, 1994. Thousands of curious people who over time went to the place to be able to witness the awakening of the almost submerged village. From there, many popular stories and superstitions were born, in fact, it was the ancient inhabitants of the place who told some stories. On full moon nights, the tolling of the old bell tower could still be heard. A kind of call that the inhabited souls of the country launched to the living.


Another little gem that Italy hides in its luggage, in the heart of Basilicata, is the village of Craco. Between mountains and sea, a place forgotten by the world and evacuated back in 1963 after a terrible landslide. But I felt the real sting later, when they started talking about arcane entities that hovered in uninhabited houses. In which loud shouts and whispered voices could be heard. A supernatural aura, which made everything more and more interesting, especially for tourists.


Ghost towns in Italy: here are the most beautiful – Pexels by Pixabay

Ancient Gallery

A place founded by the Etruscans, which stands on a spur directly overhanging the Arrone river. In the heart of Lazio, a fortified city, which over time saw its glory with the domination of the Orsini. Even if today, of all that glory, only the houses remain, rather ruined and crumbling. A mystery and many stories that are told, in fact, it is said that, in the distant eighteenth century, all its inhabitants began to die for no reason, one after the other. All those deaths, which caused a terrible demographic collapse of the village. To date, it is said that the cause may have been malaria, but no one can ever confirm this with absolute certainty.

Gairo Vecchio

Another village forgotten by the world, destroyed in the 1950s from a terrible flood. A ghost town in the heart of Sardinia, a very suggestive corner of the island. After that terrible flood, the town was unsafe and many decided to leave it. Thus began the real abandonment of the place, until it remained empty with houses in ruins.


Ghost towns in Italy: here are the most beautiful – Pexels by Nico Becker


A forgotten village, which tells many beautiful stories. Is found in the heart of Trentino South Tyrol, a place in the beautiful mountains of the area. All the houses were abandoned after a terrible flood back in 1966. A horrendous river of mud and debris hit the Val di Cembra. Only the ruins of that old village remain.

Old Bussana

Another forgotten village, one of the ghost towns, which still tells many beautiful stories. A hilly hamlet in the beautiful Municipality of Sanremo. Affected in 1887 by a terrible earthquake. Only then in the 50’s did it become the city of artists both Italians and foreigners.

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Discovering the ghost towns in Italy