Do the phases of the moon also affect wine? True or False, let’s find out

Do the phases of the moon really influence our life and that of agriculture? What is true about all this?

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There moonespecially, in ancient times, has always had a role essential in people’s lives. In popular beliefs has always been a very important point of reference, especially for the world farmer.

In mythology the same name as ours satellite derives from that of a divinity: moonin fact, which corresponds to the Greek goddess Selenedepicted as the full moon. There are many and of all kinds legends who have, over time, colored this satellite by supernatural light and mysterious. We think werewolves, ai magical sabbaths of witches and much more.

Do the phases of the moon also influence wine?

lunar phases affect true false wine let's find out
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Naturally many news related to the force of the moon on our lives are tied to beliefs popular. Once a few information were proven by science. Even if, and we can ascertain it ourselves, cut the hair in the crescent moon would do them to grow up stronger and thicker.

As well as i fertile periods of a woman had a close correlation with the moon. The I leave same, once the term of a pregnancy was not calculated by the doctor, but simply yes waited that they had passed nine moons from conception.

There life was linked to the rhythms of the seasons and phases of the moon. The peasants were very loyal in the to follow the sayings and proverbs told e learn yourself from their ancestors. for thebiodynamic agriculturefor example, it is essential to follow certain rites tied right to the moon.

Was scientifically proved that there is a link important between atmospheric tides caused from the moon, sowing and the collection of vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, even that the moonlight penetrate deeper into ground than the sun does during the day.

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This means that the moon positively and directly affects the germinative process of the seeds. It’s a explanation to the fact that, even today, many farmers e winegrowersthey rely on moon to have valuable products e rich of nutrients.

For us Italiansfor which the production of the wine is considered a true and proper art, to follow the tradition it is a pride and an excellence. Today, of course, it’s not that easy. The requests of the market, often, not they allow to follow certain deadlines.

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Luckily exist cellars that have made of slowness and tradition is a strong point. Hence the ancient sayings: “Who prunes a Januarypota al grappolaio”, or “Chi nel March he does not prune his vineyard he loses the harvest”, they are still gods points stops to follow.

After all, it was established, that the moon affects the quality of the wine. Bottle in phase growing allows you to get excellent sparkling wineswhile in phase waning allows to obtain an excellent result for i wines long ageing. The first new Moon in March, on the other hand, is perfect for any type of wine.

Do the phases of the moon also affect wine? True or False, let’s find out