Does anyone want to think about the ghosts? The gloomy story of the ghosts of El Rulo

In the route 338 On the way to San Javier, a historic construction lives in the heart of all Tucumans who have ever gone to that tourist town: The Roll.

This week, before the sad and nostalgic look of many Tucuman, the traditional bridge was demolished to make way for a new infrastructure that will connect Yerba Buena with San Javierreplacing the octogenarian roller.

Let us remember that these works seek to revalue this tourist area by renovating the bridge that has various structural cracks, a product of the landslides of the hill and the pressure of the water in each of the heavy rains on the vault.

Now, skipping the logic of public works a bit, let’s rethink what El Rulo houses in the popular imagination: a story of the paranormal.

The myths surrounding this structure are many. Dozens of men and women from Tucuman who have toured it at night have assured that they have heard itswhistles, noises, that they saw strange lightsand the most terrifying of all: a woman in white who got on the vehicles that passed through here, be they motorcycles, cars or buses.

In 2019 the team of Paranormal Tucuman approached this place with a Spirit Box, the revolutionary machine that scans the frequencies it finds, taking advantage of “white noise” to capture psychophonic sounds. In this capture, ghost seekers like Augusto Bellido are the ones who take the opportunity to ask questions in places of dense energies, and try to decipher an answer “from beyond.”

On that occasion, Bellido went with his assistants, flashlights and cameras to the area where for 12 years the locals claimed that voices, laments, moans and specters appeared during the early mornings. During a cold and rainy night, Bellido made the transmission that was published in three parts. In the last section, during the end of the transmission, Bellido recounts: “This catches my attention: it’s like a grid. In this sector (which is where they say the specter of a woman appears) is the sector where I felt a strange sensation when I got out of the vehicle”.

At that moment, the stationary camera feed swiveled upside down. The lights of the lanterns that illuminated the area began to tinkle. A white owl with brown spots on its wings reappeared on the scene, always according to Bellido’s account, who indicates: “Things are going wrong. We are in the area of ​​El Rulo, in complete darkness, it is the ambient noise of the night. We have made three transmissions from the area of ​​the old confectionery, now we are in El Rulo, we have passed through the area of ​​the university city. In this sector We have the story of an employee of the San Javier inn who was coming down at 3 in the morning and suddenly encountered the ghost of a woman who was on the side of the road.”.

We are in a place where the voice is felt: something strange happens with the batteries that we have brought and that last for an indeterminate time. This time the batteries have run out of power, we do not understand why the image is upside down, we have not touched anything, we are simply under El Rulo. Something strange happened to us. We haven’t touched anything. The time is 1:10, we are in a place where many would not want to be”, and it was at that moment that something similar to a moan, a lament, was heard.

Alerted to what is happening, Bellido reported: “They are telling me that a lament has been heard”, and then turn on the spiritbox. After this, it heard radio noise, tune-ups, and white noise. The driver asked out loud: “We want to see if there is any entity that wants to communicate with us. A vehicle is coming down in the El Rulo area, there is an owl, the water is leaking. Something very strange happened in the transmission: there is an owl that is accompanying us. They say it sounds like a lament. Is there someone here with us? Is there an entity that wants to manifest?”

At that moment, Bellido interpreted what seems to be the voice of a woman who answers: “Yes”. He then insisted: “Is there an entity that wants to manifest itself? We just heard that he said yes. Are you here with us? Are you here with us? Do you need a prayer so you can rest in peace? Are you here with us? Do you need a prayer so you can rest in peace? You’re a woman?”

Given the impact of the broadcast and the queries about the voice of women, Bellido reported: “He has long dark hair. She is wearing a long white dress. No one could see her face. But there are many drivers who climb the San Javier hill every night and affirm that the specter of a woman appears walking on the side of Route 338, in the middle of the asphalt and she was also seen sitting on the side of the road. It should be clarified that not everyone appears nor does she have a schedule, usually the reports about her appearance are after 3 in the morning.

“These stories are well known by the police officers who work at the El Corte police station. They often have to accompany fearful drivers who claim to have seen the figure to their homes. The other night a motorcyclist arrived, he was pale. He told us that he had seen a woman wandering along the road and asked us to take him to his home, ”reported officer Julio Rodríguez. His partner, Joaquín Valdez, also heard several locals talk about this image, which usually appears in places where a tragedy has occurred. “In the place they say that a young woman died and the neighbors want to put a grotto because they believe that her spirit cannot rest in peace and that is why it comes out at night”counted.

“Not only the locals are afraid to drive along the path to the hill; also some police officers who must make night tours”, he adds. “The other day one of the motorists went out and returned a few minutes later, terrified because he saw the image of the ghost that was sitting,” explained Rodríguez, who himself once felt something supernatural in his car when he was driving through the El Rulo area. always in the early morning hours. According to these data we may be facing an urban story, believable or not. You decide”.

Faced with this type of material, and with the large number of testimonies that coexist regarding this apparition and the intense paranormal activity in this area, the question of lovers of the paranormal raises the question of whether specters coexist in a universe parallel associated with constructions, or is related to geographic spaces. Only when the new bridge that connects Yerba Buena with San Javier is opened and with its daily use, the locals and surely the policemen of the El Corte police station will be able to attest to this, or not,

Does anyone want to think about the ghosts? The gloomy story of the ghosts of El Rulo