drop of pants

“I know that there are people from the PSOE who don’t like this” commented Raquel Ortiz de València Laica, referring to the “Valencian-style Concordat” between the Generalitat and the Catholic Church. “I see the panorama as very black, we have to reach more people every day.” But, inexorably, the unwavering safeguard towards the ecclesiastical entity continues. “Panties drop”.

Complaints and claims about sexual abuse, money dealings, financial schemes, stolen babies, coup involvement and property theft since 1946, (three thousand registrations in the Valencian Community and one hundred thousand in the entire Spanish territory) remain unpunished.

“The privileges of the Catholic Church are privileges, whoever pays for them.” The Valencian Generalitat will not only be responsible for the cost of such prerogatives, but also for the expenses caused by its members-officials and representatives, travel, allowances, overnight stays, financial compensation and others, explains València Laica. The tripartite and its electoral programs, where have they ended up?

“It cannot be that democracy does not have a secular State where everyone, all ideologies and all consciences fit.” Perhaps, therein lies the crux of the matter: in the competition! that it would leave without that “twelve and a half billion, a lot of money!” for a company centralized in a foreign country that, faced with the increasingly notorious rivalry of proposals, sucks in the institutions, clinging to the ancestral obscurantism of ultramontane Catholic businesses.

“How much self-deception do we want to allow in our society?” asked the German computer scientist Jürgen Schmidhuber, a scholar in the field of artificial intelligence in the documentary titled Paradise or “robocalypse”, adding: “What is prayer? It is the construction of a dialogue with an imaginary person”.

In the Museum of Valencia, the palace of the Marquis de Campo, Secularism Day was commemorated (December 9), recalling that in Spain, in 1931, “the second Constitution of the Republic was approved, the only that he has considered a secular state”.

“Secularism is neither an ideology nor a political party, our detractors try to say what secularism is not.”

Education, family and public money tools for religious subjugation?

“In the school there is a dogma” and “multi-denominationalism increases the dogmatic load” when applied in teaching spaces. In the twenty-first century, any obsolete methodology of collective obfuscation is out of context, now the minors are in another more technological influence, far from the clutches of misinformative religious sectarianism rather than formative. The all seeing eye will soon be implemented globally but it will not be divine but scientific and the heavenly messages chat bots.

No matter how much money and support is given to companies in the sector, the children’s generation, in a couple of decades, will follow nothing mystical guidelines where their confessors will be the so-called virtual social hallucinations.

The Madrid politician and jurist Enrique Tierno Galván wrote in his essay the Youth rebellion and the problem at the Universitythat: “they are the best gifted young people, those who do not adapt to the expiring models”.

“Almost half of young people (in Spain) are no longer believers, age and level of education influence.”

Renew or die, no matter how much money is put into the decadent religious machinery, the debacle looms, considering the unification of faiths in a kind of giga-offer where they can continue treasuring profits while keeping the parishioners subtracted from reality.

“The responsibility lies with the governments; the State consents and allows all the privileges of the Church.”

.- Where are you going? A woman asked a teenager who, at mid-morning on a school day, was directed in a collective line to the neighboring parish. .- “To the Eucharist”, she answered about the obligatory school activity. How many daily masses, spiritual exercises, rosaries, Stations of the Cross, processions and Angelus prayers have been imposed on the students? How many girls from religious schools have dreamed of being missionaries longing for the ecstasy of holiness through influence? How many men remember and comment on the traumatic and forced childish confessions in front of a lecherous man in a cassock?

“What does the government do? Any! they have eaten the jar, we leave it to egg, the State is also giving subsidies to NGOs of the Church”. Clientelistic charitable business?

Cati Espinosa, Masonic of the Modern Restored French Rite (humanist, secular defender of republican values), Palmira Luz lodge, pointed out: “Secularism is in serious danger throughout Europe” and quotes a message from the page Web of Iranians: “Secularism is never closed to progress”. Iran, Iran, Iran, the oil warehouse of the United States, where theocracy is exercised wildly without any country joking around. In Nixon’s time, an energy expert on the presidential team, S. David Freeman, would confess: “Our consumption rate is so high that we can see the bottom of the barrel.” (The dangerous game of oil, the work of English historian and journalist Leonard Mosley). And, due to the market of essential materials, all excess is silenced.

In Spain, it seems, it is unthinkable that institutions do not continue to submit to interests unrelated to their essential work with the people.

Jesus washes whiter, like the Church invented marketing, is the title of the book cited by another of the speakers, Miguel Hernández, belonging to AVALL (Valencian Association of Atheists and Freethinkers), where it is stated that “the corridors in churches, just like in supermarkets” direct. “In France the right is secular,” says Hernández, but here, “every time we are getting worse.”

“In Freemasonry there are no dogmas” explained Luis Plá, Freemason, president of the Grand General Chapter of Spain-French Rite. “I am fed up with now it is not time, I think that Spain is a failed State, the transition of the State was a great farce. Democratic Spain owes a great debt to the Freemasons, the repression has been brutal, in Spain it has nothing to do with Freemasonry in Portugal and France”, especially in quantity. In the eighteenth century, the national Freemasonry was preferably made up of Englishmen. “Not even in Portugal was Freemasonry repressed as in Franco’s Judeo-Masonic conspiracy. What it does is that it condemns Freemasonry” a “law against humanity” due to its retroactive nature “The Catholic Church participates in the repression of Freemasonry, Francoism accused many who were not”. Franco was close to the former president of Argentina Juan Domingo Perón, and Perón had Licio Gelli on his team (grand master of the discontinued Italian Propaganda Due lodge, where Silvio Berlusconi, founder of the Forza Italia party and president of the corporation of Mediaset telecommunication).

“People get carried away by the general media, they will have a very biased opinion, another means of pressure is entertainment,” adds Ortiz.

“A freedom of conscience law was promised by the coalition government. Well no! Sometimes freedom of conscience is confused with freedom of expression; that the crime of offense (to religion) disappears”, comments the also member of Secular Europe.

In the agreement between the Government and the Church, “only one of the parties has obligations, that is the legal framework we have.”

Why is there dogmatism in universities, in certain subjects?

Miguel Hernandez exposed exorbitant figures. Five thousand four hundred million! of euros go to the ecclesiastical educational fund. “In Germany, the one who confesses that he has a religion pays more,” he points out. And here? Well, in addition to perks, undeclared money arises unexpectedly; more than a million euros in a cathedral and a million and a half nuns hiding in a closet. And in the legislative field? “A third of the judicial collective is from Opus Dei.” In the book-complaint entitled In the shadow of the sick Pope, it can be read: “Opus Dei defined itself as a “supernatural company”. They are companies! sustained by the collective nightmare of fear, scarcity and suffering fostered by the media and governments.

“If you are Catholic and you have a pharmacy, you can not sell condoms and birth control pills.” “For the work of the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) they did not request a license until two thousand and nineteen.” “There are priests on the payroll.” “In Madrid there is no money for doctors, but there is for priests.” “According to the Church, studying in Catholic schools reduces crime.” “A woman cannot be a priest, Bishop.” Monthly, in Spain, a monastery is closed due to lack of personal users, when it is not because the bishopric speculates on real estate by evicting the nuns. “People are not aware of the power that lobby ecclesiastical”.

“If the state is not secular, it is not democratic”, affirms Hernández emphatically.

drop of pants