Edward Furlong Was Too High To Do Terminator: Dark Fate

Actor Edward Furlong reflects on the controversial scene in Terminator: Dark Fate in which a young John Connor appears with his face.

Attention SPOILERS. The movie Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) begins with a scene where Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) Y John Connor (voice of Aaron Kunitz) they are on the beach enjoying a vacation until a T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and finally fulfills its mission and kills the young man John Connor. The curious thing about this scene is that all the characters are digitally retouched to appear to have the same appearance as in Terminators 2that’s why Edward Furlong he did not repeat the role, something that came to generate controversy among fans.

In a recent interview alex lebyathe actor Edward Furlongtalk about what happened in Terminator: Dark Fate and how drugs prevented him from returning to the saga.

“I got it, because I was fine when I first got sober. Then, I understood what the decisions of my life had led me to at that time. And I wasn’t really in one place, when they were doing that. I mean, I was busy doing a lot of heroin.”

But also, Edward Furlong He reveals that he would like to return and knowing how complicated the timeline of the saga is, surely something could be invented to make it happen.

“Personally, I thought: This is not going to go well. I figured, with the fan base, because I knew that Terminator 2 is such a big thing, and when they said I was in it, people came up and said, I’m so glad you’re in the movie! It was kind of like, after all the different John Connors that played it, and I was wrong, I got back what I felt was rightfully mine. So, it was nostalgic. I would have loved it if I had gotten to be in a new Terminator and do the whole movie and make more money… And probably still make money? Yes, that would be awesome. That would be really amazing.”

hopefully the saga terminator return to the hands of james cameron and give it a new impetus. Since the latest installments are being a bit disappointing.

The actor has put his life and film career on track.

Edward Furlong announced in July that he has celebrated four years of sobriety. She will also be in the movie Charlie’s Horse from director Brad Keller and will share a cast with Casper Van Dien, YaYa Gosselin, Carson Cunningham and Morgan Harrington. will also do Forest Hills about a man tormented by nightmarish visions after suffering a head injury while camping in the woods. While your movie Karma is about a group of thieves meet in the desert to recover the stolen money and bad things start to happen. Finally, we will also see it in The Endless Whispers featuring a world ravaged by a supernatural disease and a lone soldier must protect a handful of survivors from a horde of crazed lunatics. Even when a creeping madness threatens to tear them apart.

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Edward Furlong Was Too High To Do Terminator: Dark Fate