‘Ei8ht’, the sequel to David Fincher’s ‘Seven’ that never happened (and how good)

There is a long list of movies that never happened, and that somehow, we thank fate or whoever has made the decision to give them the ax blow. And we’re not being cruel, just that the stories (especially with the sequels) were so bad, that they would have ruined everything. ALL.

Let’s not go too far. One of the best movies ever, it has one of the best sequels ever. Of course we talk about The Godfather and its second part… But what about the third? It is such a horrendous thing that we prefer to pretend that it does not exist (with the forgiveness of any reader who likes it).

So there are many other tapes whose sequels did not do them justice. But as we mentioned at the beginning, some proposals stayed that way, and avoided a catastrophe. Such is the case of Seven (se7en), the incredible 1997 film directed by David Fincher.

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt in ‘Se7en’ / Photo: New Line Cinema

se7en It is considered one of the best movies. police and crime, but it goes far beyond the genre. It is a highly stylized reflection of the daily life of good and evil, and how the latter prevails in chaos. When a detective solves a case, the sin does not disappear, it only multiplies…

We can talk for hours about this tape on technical, narrative issues and the essence of the story (Not to mention the popular closing plot twist.) That’s why we’re so thankful that a sequel never happened. As they read it. After the success of se7en, there was talk of a sequel whose premise was more gruesome than the crimes committed by John Doe himself. Here we tell you about ei8ht.

crime scene with sin "greed" in 'Se7en'
Crime scene with the sin “greed” in ‘Se7en’ / Photo: New Line Cinema


Let’s go in parts. se7en stars detective William Somerset, who is about to retire when a new case arrives: a serial killer who He bases his crimes on the seven deadly sins. Somerset, next to his new partner named David Mills, They must reveal the clues that the murderer leaves until reaching the last sin, with which he has a surprise in store.

The opening credits of the tape, among the most disturbing and fascinating musicalized, also, by Nine Inch Nailsthey allow us to enter the mind of the murderer, and from there, we plummet into a nameless city and a series of scenarios that show us the contradiction of human nature.

The photography was carried out by Darius Khonji while the score came from Howard Shore. The cast is also sensational, as it was led by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey.


Now yes, let’s talk about the sequel that never was. the script of se7en was written by Andrew Kevin Walker, who was inspired by New York City (obviously), to write the story. It was difficult to sell the script, and while a director was being sought, Several changes were made to it, especially at the end.

But things changed when David Fincher received the first draft that proposed, at the end of the tape, the revelation of the box with the head. Fincher defended that ending to death, and the New Line Cinema, despite feeling fearful of the darkness of the story, gave in to the requests of the director and Morgan Freeman himself. The rest is history.

David Fincher / Photo: Getty Images

We tell you this because the sequel script has a less interesting story (in and out of its pages). Seven years after the premiere of se7enNew Line Cinema publicly spoke of interest for a sequel that initially it was titled solacebut who intended to come out officially with the name of ei8ht.

This story proposed somerset’s return to solve a new series of crimes at the hands of a serial killer. However, in this new installment, the detective acquired psychic abilities that would help him catch a murderer who was more on the plane of the supernatural than ours. WTF?!

Detective Somerset and Mills in 'Se7en'
Detective Somerset and Mills in ‘Se7en’ / Photo: New Line Cinema

It was never put together… thank God

If this story is familiar to you, it is because the original author, Ted Griffin, clung to his idea so much, that he managed to make it a film in 2015 under the title of solace and with the protagonist of Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. A psychic who is asked by an FBI agent to help solve a case. Of course, there are several changes, but it is basically the same.

Part of the genius of se7enis how he navigates between reality and the impossibility of his events. Reality goes hand in hand with the terrifying paths human nature takes in relation to a lack of empathy: the normalization, in this case, of the violence represented in the seven deadly sins

Image of the crime scene of sloth in 'Se7en'
Image of the crime scene of sloth in ‘Se7en’ / Photo: New Line Cinema

It’s so much scarier the (feasible) existence of a subject with such a fixed purpose, clinging to such a perverse ideology, that he is capable of torturing a person in the worst possible way for a year to teach a lesson (laziness). The manipulation and the doctrine are lurid and there is nothing more disturbing than that.

What the hell does supernatural events have to do with it then?! How could a paranormal figure, no matter how dark, overcome the existence of a tormented and violent human being? It doesn’t make any sense, and both David Fincher and Morgan Freeman decided to step aside.

‘Ei8ht’, the sequel to David Fincher’s ‘Seven’ that never happened (and how good)