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Status Woman, June 2, 2022. Beautiful, she has never been beautiful, at least not according to the canons of proportion that classicism has indicated to us. But in this year of preparation to the platinum jubilee, which celebrates the third longest reign in history with her 70 years as queen, all the photos of Elizabeth II, sovereign of the United Kingdom, tell us about a woman whose beauty has (been) always placed in a delicate and sincere smile, tender and admirable because it is always offered in formal circumstances. The radiance of that smile appears in the first photos as a young girl, fiancée of the then most handsome prince in the world, Philip of Battenberg, prince of Greece and Denmark, who later became His Royal Highness by marriage.

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, with countless other related titles, descending on a scale of aristocratic titles that has few equals in the world. In these last days that bring us closer to the start of the official celebrations, the web and digital and paper media are flooded with photos of this queen, all with the intention of recounting seventy extraordinary years. And we see her thirteen at her first meeting with Filippo; then just born and then a little girl with the inevitable, very beloved of her, sister Margareth at her side and her beloved parents, George VI and Elizabeth. In family pictures that have nothing built, despite being the photos of a ruling family.

And then the photos of all the countless visits to every part of the world, interspersed with other family photos, this time with their four children, Carlo, Anna, Andrea, Edoardo. We see her driving a jeep in times of war when she is still a crown princess; we see her get off the plane, received by Churchill on her return from Kenya, the de facto queen, dressed in black, due to the sudden death of her already seriously ill father.

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Later he appears triumphant on the day of his coronation in 1953 and every time he inaugurated the work of the Parliament, with the only two exceptions of the year in which he was waiting for Edward and this year, in which he delegated his son to a substantial regency with which he reckoned with age limits. How far this queen has come! No kingdom is immutable except in the heart of her subjects, who have found in her the guide at the helm of the state ship.

“Advises and does not decide”, but one of his words is loud and does not go unheard. And in the meantime she alone has changed the face of the monarchy, including, even with some inevitable delay, the adaptation to the times. And if she could not make her sister Margateth happy, in love with Peter Towsend, whom she could not marry because of her divorce, Elizabeth has indicated in her divorce the natural end of the marriages of her first three children. Not only. But years later, she removed the veto from the figure of Camilla and accepted her as the daughter-in-law that she should have been for a long time.

The tragedy of the interlude represented by Diana, an unhappy bride and almost sacrificed to the reason of state – which traditionally required finding a girlfriend worthy of the heir to the throne according to canons that did not consider the mutual satisfaction of the spouses – we will never know how much it weighed on this woman. We only know that you have come a long way and with intelligence, learning from your mistakes. Like when she took to the streets to honor the passage of Diana’s hearse, bowing against all etiquette and speaking bravely to the nation to prevent her confidentiality from being judged indifference. Of course, she was advised.

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But you are not a queen for many years if you do not know how to grasp the right advice, those that in the first person consider themselves right. After that she didn’t miss a step. And the gravity of the events does not matter. She was a just queen with her son Andrea implicated in legal matters that would make any parent see their child accused of molesting minors turn pale, taking away all office and visibility, mercilessly, but she was a just mother, putting him by his side at the most memorial ceremony. important of her life, that of the figure of her husband Philip in front of the rulers of the world and a planetary TV.

And we find that that family has always been his strength. That husband he loved as he loves a devoted wife, with joy, respect, gratitude. Those children, towards whom there is a love that has eliminated all sense of guilt for those absences of a woman who is busy every day on the scenarios of the planet. Those adored grandchildren, everyone, from the nearest to the farthest.

The family. In a time when the family appears to be an institution in crisis, its family of origin and the one that Elizabeth II formed, was a true family. In those writings that recall the open letters, which are unavoidable orders, he traced her future after her: Carlo with Camilla regina; then William and Kate. A close-knit team, which is giving examples of total dedication to the country.

Now enjoy the platinum jubilee celebrations. He has all the rights. With her wonderful colorful suits, with her spectacular jewels. At the age of 96, she embodies the fable of the eternal, good, princess, that she can live happily ever after because she knows how to go through all the pains of her subjects with the grace of an almost supernatural being. And the Barbie with her face helps to give her eternal youth and timeless beauty. God save this spectacular enchanting queen.

Maria Teresa Perrino, June 2, 2022

Elizabeth, one of the longest-lived kingdoms: how far, queen!