Ennio Morricone remembered in Philately, Numismatics and Cinema with a film by Giuseppe Tornatore

Postage stamp, coin and film to pay homage to the great musician

Ennio Morricone remembered in Philately, Numismatics and Cinema with a film by Giuseppe Tornatore –

from Luana Bedin And Nardino D’Alessio

“In love as in art, constancy is everything. I don’t know if there is love at first sight or supernatural intuition. I know that there is consistency, consistency, seriousness and duration. “
Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone (Rome, November 10, 1928 – July 6, 2020 there), from an early age he studied music at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, becoming a composer, conductor and musical arranger. He was the author of a wide range of different compositional genres, making him one of the most important artists of all time. During his long career, he has received many awards all over the world for his extraordinary musical art.

Philately remembers him and dedicates him in the online series “The Italian excellence of the show ” a stamp, as decided on 29 June 2021 by the Ministry of Economic Development, printed by the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato SpA, in rotogravure, on white paper, neutral coated, non-fluorescent self-adhesive, with a circulation of two hundred thousand copies in sheets of 45 copies. The characteristics are arranged as follows: print 30 × 40 mm., Tracing format 37 × 46 mm., 11 perforation with die-cutting. The stamp contains the portrait of Ennio Morricone, and inside the stylization of the detail of a vinyl, while conducting an orchestra with the words “Italy”, the letter B indicating the rate (1.10 euros) and vertically the inscription “Ennio Morricone”. For the occasion, at the Post Offices – philatelic counter it is possible to buy, in addition to the stamp, also the folder (A4 trifold format) dedicated to the composer containing a single stamp, the quatrain of stamps, a canceled and franked postcard and a envelope of the first day of issue. The price is 15.00 euros.

While in Numismatics a coin was issued inserted in the 2021 Collection that celebrates the great Master, of the series “Great Italian Artists“. All as per the decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the minting carried out by the Poligrafico Zecca of the Italian State. The face value of the coin is 5 euros, in silver, diameter 32 mm, weight 18 g, author Maria Angela Cassol. The issue was carried out in two versions: 5 euro Brilliant Uncirculated in silver, price 42.00 euro, circulation of 8 thousand pieces and 5 euro bimetallic proof, price 30.00 euro, with a circulation of 10 thousand copies.

Reverse Right

The coin in the right shows the portrait of the Italian composer and conductor. In the turn “ITALIAN REPUBLIC” and the name of the author “CASSOL”, while in reverse the representation of the Hands of the Master in the act of directing is shown. In the circle, the writing “ENNIO MORRICONE”, at the top, the value “5 EURO”, “R”, identification of the Mint of Rome and the year of issue “2021”.

Poster of the film ENNIO, by Giuseppe Tornatore

Director Giuseppe Tornatore pays tribute to Maestro Ennio Morricone with a film entitled ENNIO, where it traces the life and works of the famous composer of unforgettable soundtracks, written for more than 60 films, winners of important prizes which, since the debut with his friend Sergio Leone, and then with many other famous directors, have become history of music.

Poster of the movie ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA

Finally we cannot forget his music for the Italian song, as in the songs Flavor of salt, If phoningand in the songs of Edoardo Vianello, Gianni Morandi and many others.

Honor to Ennio Morricone who, with his music, is history.

Ennio Morricone remembered in Philately, Numismatics and Cinema with a film by Giuseppe Tornatore