Explore the supernatural world with these Netflix stories

If you like stories with mysterious and supernatural touches, Netflix is ​​also an option for you. And it is that the popular streaming platform has an extensive catalog of productions of this style.

On this occasion we are going to highlight several South Korean productions. Although these fictions are not as mediatic as “The Squid Game” or “All of Us Are Dead”, as they are, they will allow you to enjoy original, unusual and entertaining plots.

Whether they are adapted from books, inspired by comics or directly created to be seen on the small screen, these stories are sure to keep you glued to the television, your computer or your tablet. Therefore, without further delay, popcorn, Netflix and action.


Starring singer Rowoon, a member of the K-pop band SF9, this series is based on the webtoon “Naeil,” which means “tomorrow” in Korean. It tells the story of a Choi Joon-woong, a young man who transforms into a half-human, half-spirit being by accident, and is hired by a company of grim reapers in the underworld to carry out special missions. That underworld crisis management team is called Zumadung, and it is commanded by a grim reaper or angel of death: Goo-ryeon. It consists of 16 episodes.


This fantasy thriller is one of the most valued by k-fans due to its impeccable staging, successful photography, masterful direction and great performances.

According to its official synopsis, the story centers on “a woman, Ming Sang Woon (played by Kwon Na Ra), who has gone through various reincarnations over 600 years and remembers all her past lives; and a man: Dan Hwal (Lee Jim Wook), who has lived for just as long as Bulgasal, a mythical creature that feeds on human blood and is cursed with immortality.” It consists of 16 episodes, which have a duration of 60 to 80 minutes.

Hotel Del Luna”

This is one of the series that can change your opinion about k-dramas. It tells the story of Jang Man Wol (played by singer IU), the owner of a luxurious ghost hotel who, with the help of manager Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo), will have to solve the problems related to ghosts that they stay at the hotel. For that, he will also have the support of his bartender Kim Seon Bi (Shin Jung Keun), the room service manager Choi Seo Hee (Bae Hae Seon), the adorable receptionist Ji Hyun Joong (Pyo Ji Hoon) and the sweet Kim Yoo. Na (Kang Mi Na). In addition to the ghostly cases that it narrates, its hour and a half episodes also recount the past of its protagonist. 16 chapters.

“On the hunt for evil spirits”

This production also combines the real world with the supernatural. This peculiar k-drama manages to combine in a very effective way the humor, action and the fantastic genre.

The story revolves around the employees of a noodle shop, who in addition to their official job are also demon hunters. But the thing does not stop there, because it turns out that all of them are people who have died or who are in a coma. The souls of these individuals will be able to return to life if they dedicate themselves to capturing evil souls and thus prevent them from continuing to commit crimes. It is worth noting that each of these hunters are connected with supernatural beings of the Yung, a kind of portal between the earthly world and the final destination of the souls of the dead. This adaptation of a webcomic has 16 episodes.

The mystical ephemeral bar”

If you are looking for a different story, that combines drama, comedy, some action, mystery, Korean folklore, romance and very good special effects and emotion, you cannot stop watching this series.

The plot, inspired by a webcomic, begins when a young man with a special gift begins to work in the bar of a woman who solves the emotional problems of her clients by entering their dreams. Wol-Ju, who runs the mysterious food cart, is an eccentric who is unmoved by the tragedies of her customers. But she also carries a burden, and while her clients drink alcohol and eat delicious dishes, she seeks to pay off a certain debt that she acquired 500 years ago. 12 episodes.

Explore the supernatural world with these Netflix stories