FBI Most Wanted confirmed what we all suspected about the murder of Jess LaCroix

Jess LaCroix was the main face of the series FBI: Most Wanted for several seasons, but suddenly the producers decided to kill the character for an important reason that surprised all fans of the police drama.

When it seemed like the future was bright for Jess LaCroix (played by Julian McMahon), planning his dream vacation with Sarah (jennifer landon) and continuing to build a new life with Tali (YaYa Gosselin). The series decides that Jess is killed in the line of duty while he rescues a woman, scenes that surprised all fans of FBI: Most Wanted. However, the showrunner and the actor clarified the real reasons why it happened that way.

When it comes to making characters disappear from a TV show, there are two options. Characters can leave or die. There’s really no other choice, unless it’s a supernatural show where magic, mystery and so on can be incorporated into the plot. However, FBI: Most Wanted it is based on reality, which means that only those two options are possible for all viewers.

Given the evolution of the character of Jess Lacroix, it seemed that she would end up deciding to leave the team. It looked like she was going on a dream vacation with Sarah and she might decide not to come back. However, the series took a dark turn. At the end of the last episode of the third season, Jess was shot and killed in action. She was devastating to the team and to Sarah.

According to comments from the executive producer David Hudgins explained why the writers decided on the end of the character. Although the actor Julian McMahon had already announced his departure from the series, it was clear that episode 8 of the third season of FBI: Most Wanted it would be a farewell to Jess. Hudgins explained why Jess’s heroic death was the best solution for McMahon’s departure.

“In the writers room, we discuss a lot of different scenarios, but ultimately we keep coming back to this idea that it somehow serves the premise of the show.”

The sad death of Jess LaCroix in the line of duty within FBI Most Wanted

FBI: Most Wanted: The death of Jess LaCroix on the show

“It is an extremely dangerous job. And you know, there’s always a risk on the job, of getting hurt on the job. It’s a very real hazard of the job and it happens to Jess and it’s tragic, but we felt like it was true.”

Of course, Sarah was terribly hurt by Jess’s death and was perhaps the least prepared due to her civilian status. David Hudgins explained that Sarah receiving bad news from Sheryl Barnes (Roxy Sternberg) and Hanna Gibson (Keisha Castle Hughes) has parallels to real life, and praised actress Jennifer Landon. Furthermore, he added that it’s realistic to think that sometimes heroes don’t make it out of their missions alive and fans need to be ready for all sorts of things.

Curiously, after the departure of Julian McMahon Like Jess LaCroix, the star hasn’t landed a new project. She has only been participating in different castings, but has not managed to get a new role. Given the way she ended his character in FBI: Most Wantedthe star will not return anymore.

FBI Most Wanted confirmed what we all suspected about the murder of Jess LaCroix