Fer Polin, the model that debuts facet as an entrepreneur

The catwalks have been present in her life, something that she thanks her parents, since they supported her from the beginning to fulfill her dreams.

“I have always been very artistic and like many girls, being an actress or model was my dream. I managed to convince my parents and entered Contemporary Models when I was 13 years old. He could go to one or another casting, as long as he fulfilled school and homework, that was the condition hahaha. I worked as a model, image or ambassador, the truth is I worked with many brands, for many years and I can tell you that I have enjoyed working with most of them in the different stages of my life”, she recalled.

Fer also remembers that during that time he did not hesitate to study acting, to take advantage of great opportunities, such as the telenovela Rebelde.

“For years I was in theater classes, when they invited me to the casting of Rebel I didn’t hesitate and auditioned. I sincerely thought that I would have no chance, it was my first casting for television. It went very well for me to be the first hahaha a few days later they gave me an appointment to sign a contract and I recorded for almost two years. Rebelde was a great project, I learned a lot, I enjoyed it and I made good friends, but I grew up, matured and realized that to act, as in everything, it requires a lot of passion, it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle, like that. that I changed course,” he shared.

“The example I want to give women is that they know each other, that they be true to themselves and that they make their way.”

And it is that at the time, the acting talent was reflected on television, but at this multitasker He is also known for his great style, something that is already part of his essence.

“Many times I’ve been asked ‘Why do you love fashion?’ And it’s not fashion, it’s style. I enjoy observing how clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyle say a lot about us, about our personality, our passions, our state of mind, etc. I am a lover and curious about personal style, I love how it is also transmitted in spaces. I have been in Public Relations for years, but interior design is another of my passions”, she highlighted.

Modeling and catwalks gave her a great experience, but she also wanted to start her own business, standing out today as one of the top women in the city.

“Thanks to the catwalks I lost my fear of the camera or the public, they were my stepping stone to later be able to do television. I currently have two projects: PURE, by PUblic Relations, which is the agency in which we study each case and create strategies to achieve positioning, communication, contact, through experiences, ambassadors, media, etc. Y Timothy Housewhich is an online decoration store in which the national product predominates, designed and made by Mexicans,” he added.

“I am a lover and curious about personal style, I love how it is also transmitted in spaces”.

And as a good lover of style, a few days ago Fer Polin traveled to New York Fashion Week, but always being in charge of her business from anywhere in the world.

“My professional life fascinates me, I never get bored, it is zero routine, all the projects are different and I am constantly meeting people. what i want with Pure Strategy is to be able to provide service in Monterrey, CDMX, Miami and NYC through solid alliances. And my goal with Timothy House it is having your own designs and at some point providing an interior design service,” he mentioned.


In addition, this creative mind and free soul knows that the key to being a successful woman, as she is, is to work day by day.

“Definitely perseverance and commitment to oneself is the key. Self-confidence is also key, especially in difficult times, when things don’t go as expected. The example I want to give to women is that they get to know each other, that they be true to themselves and that they make their way. I define myself as a fair, cheerful, calm and passionate woman, “she concluded.

Fer’s favorites

Sport / Indoor cycling, skiing and yoga

healthy snacks / cashew nuts

Beverage / carajillo

Book / Supernatural by Joe Dispenza

Podcast / Doubts are given away

Series / The Time Between Seams

Movie / The Parent Trap

Documentary film / what the health

Fer Polin, the model that debuts facet as an entrepreneur