Ferrol hosts the absolute premiere of Inventio, a Galician circus, dance and illusion show

Ferrol is the city chosen for the absolute premiere of Inventio, the new large format show with illusionism, dance, circus arts and music inspired by the Camino de Santiago. This creation will be presented to the public for the first time at the Jofre Theater on September 30, at 8:00 p.m. Inventio will remain in Ferrol until October 2, where it will offer a total of five performances before beginning the tour through the rest of Galicia and selected locations in Spain and Portugal.

Illusionism, levitations, balances, juggling, aerial numbers, audiovisual animation, compositions of traditional Galician music fused with electronic sounds. All this and much more is Inventio, a show for family audiences that overflows humour, mystery and fantasy, and in which comedy and drama, dance, illusionism and circus arts coexist. A sensory experience at a dizzying pace and with echoes of the futuristic cinema of Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott or Denis Villeneuve, which is nothing more than “a journey towards all that makes us human: our ability to feel”.

Six dancers and seven circus artists are part of the cast

The premiere in Ferrol will be the beginning of an intense tour that will cover the main Galician stages and other venues in Spain and Portugal. In total, Inventio will stop at twelve points in the Iberian geography throughout the months of September 2022 and January 2023. For now, the functions of Santiago de Compostela (7-9 October), Salamanca (28-29 October), Lugo (November 4-5), Pontevedra (November 11-13), Cáceres (November 26-27), Ourense (December 2-3), Bilbao (December 29-30), Vigo (January 3-4, 2023) and A Coruna (January 13-14), in addition to the shows in Ferrol.



The story behind Invention

Year 2094. Our world is white, aseptic, clean, orderly. Our universe is cold and as impersonal as a hospital operating room. We stop feeling and communicating. We land in the future, yes, but we lose memory and emotion. Galicia. Last Xacobeo year of this 21st century. A troupe Formed by an illusionist, six dancers and seven circus artists, they prove that the Camino de Santiago no longer exists, that nobody remembers it anymore.

There are no pilgrims or a road to travel together. Nor the water or the rain, the sound of the bagpipes, the green of the fields or the trace of the sea in the sand. No trace or memory. What was all that? Where were the journey, the search and the discovery? Where did the sensitivity escape? Here are the questions that will guide that troupe circus that undertakes a mission: to rebuild its cultural identity. On stage, the artists are involved in an adventure like no other. The past magically touches them and a supernatural force will transform them.

Inventio was created with the aim of serving as a vehicle for knowledge and disclosure of the Camino de Santiago and Galician culture through a story of search and encounters, suitable for family and adult audiences. It is a show that endows our cultural heritage with enormous symbolic power: traditions born centuries ago that endure today, and that do so enriched and happily contaminated by other artistic manifestations, with an open view that values ​​what builds us and what unites us

To materialize this ambitious stage proposal, Inventio has a large creative and artistic team made up of more than 40 people, including six dancers and seven circus artists. At the head of the direction is the magician Martín Varela, who also guides the show. José Prieto is responsible for the dramaturgy and Suso Montero is in charge of the artistic direction. The magic director falls on the illusionists Fani Triana and Martín Camina and the circus director on Jorge Miquel. The musical direction bears the stamp of José Trincado ‘Triki’ and the ballet and choreography are a creation of Mercedes Suárez. The team is completed by Alberto Casas in lighting design and Conchi Silvent in costume direction.

Ferrol hosts the absolute premiere of Inventio, a Galician circus, dance and illusion show