First look at the Netflix series Wednesday!

This is the news that fans of the Addams Family have been hoping for since the first announcement of the new Netflix series, Wednesday: Christina Riccithe actress most closely associated with the character, will be one important part of Tim Burton’s live-action show. Let’s take an exclusive first look at the series, out on Netflix on November 23rd!

Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family movie franchise of the 90s directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, is a series regular on Wednesday, which is led by Jenna Ortega in the title role, as Deadline has learned.

Details on Ricci’s role are not yet public. However, Deadline reveals that she will be playing a new character and not an old version of Wednesday.

It appears that Ricci was involved following Thora Birch’s departure from the stage during production.

Christina Ricci plays a new character, who is similar to the one originally played by Birch and will replace him on the show. Ricci worked quietly on Wednesday for weeks; filming on the MGM-produced series is expected to finish in Romania at the end of the month.


Burton’s ‘coming-of-age’ comedy, described as a “supernatural infused mystery,” follows the Wedneday high school student chronicles as she struggles to hone her emerging psychic ability as she plays through the intricacies of relationships at Nevermore Academy interior.

At the same time, Wedneday tries to prevent a monstrous murderous rampage taking over the local town as he attempts to uncover the supernatural mystery involving his parents that took place 25 years ago.

The writers of ‘Wednesday’ say the Netflix series retains the humor of the ‘Addams Family’.

After being expelled from another school, “Wednesday will go to Nevermore Academy”says executive producer Al Gough, where his parents met, Morticia and Gomez (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán), deeply in love. But Wednesday isn’t there to make friends; she hopes that her friend, the disembodied hand Thing (Victor Dorobantu), can help her locate a killer.

Nobody stands out from the crowd like Wednesday Addams “says executive producer Gough.

Along the way, he will have to contend with his bubbly roommate Enid (Emma Myers)with the principal antagonist Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie, with a “cool Hitchcock look,” explains the EP Miles Millar) and with a secret character played by Christina Ricci, who wore pigtails in ’90s movies. The restless teenager also has to deal with psychic powers that force her to deal with her feelings.

“Wednesday is not afraid of killers, but he is afraid of emotions”Gough explains.

Nonetheless, Gough adds: “What sets the show apart is the humor of the Addams Family.” You could even say it’s a “scree-am”!


Jenna Ortega takes the lead as Wednesday Addams.

Catherine Zeta-Jones will play matriarch Morticia Addams and Luis Guzmán patriarch Gomez Addams. Rounding out the rather ambitious cast: Hunter Doohan (Your Honor, Truth Be Told), Georgie Farmer (Treadstone, The Evermoor Chronicles), Moosa Mostafa (Nativity Rocks !, The Last Bus), Emma Myers (Girl in the Basement, Taste of Christmas ), Naomi J. Ogawa (Skylin3s) Joy Sunday (Dear White People, The Beta Test), Percy Hynes White (The Gifted, Pretty Hard Cases), Thora Birch (Ghost World, The Walking Dead), Riki Lindhome (Knives Out, Another Period) and Jamie McShane (Mank, Bloodline).

The eight-episode series has yet to have an official release date yet, but a Netflix premiere is expected in 2022.

Creator Millar Says “There Will Be Many Easter Eggs”

“There are a lot of Easter Eggs and a lot of details,” says Millar. “At one point, we had 30 different artists doing different statues and gargoyles and elements. So in the courtyard, we have eight beautifully rendered gargoyles. And if you look at the arches, they’re actually designed as gaping monsters in terms of jaws. So much detail and thought went into every aspect of each set in terms of the color choices, the Easter Eggs and even the sense of aging, making sure it all looked like it had been there for ages. Nothing should feel new. Nothing should look like it is store bought. Everything must have a patina of age. “

And yes, Millar adds, “Tim designed the tree.”

“In the reflecting pool under the tree, there is a statue of Ophelia,” Millar continues. “So you see this figure that is semi-submerged. So it’s something people have to look out for because you see it, but you don’t know exactly what it is. “

Moving inside, we have Wednesday’s dorm room. “We like the idea that she’s in this penthouse,” says Millar. “So it feels very gothic because of the beams.”

First look at the Netflix Wednesday series! - VIDEO

The focal point of the room is a spider web design on a stained glass window, and one that shows a clear separation between Wednesday and her roommate Enid (Emma Myers). “The window was in the script,” Gough says. “We really wanted to differentiate between Enid and Wednesday. So it seemed like it was a great way to visually represent one side of the room and the other side of the room. “

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Source: Deadline

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First look at the Netflix series Wednesday! – VIDEO