Busy day that of Saturday 24 September a Fish & Chips Film Festivalinternational festival of erotic and sexual cinema now in its 5th edition.
They range from the morning screening of The Celluloid Bordello followed by the meeting on the representation on the big screen of sex work with the sex worker Elettra Arazatah and the cinema historian Giulia Muggeo, passing through the focus on Linda Porn, the competing short films and the laboratory ‘The pleasure is all ours’, to arrive in the evening with the screenings of the long off Radiopornopanda, dedicated to the on-demand porn web channel created by the couple of Piedmontese performers LaPandina and Dr. Panda – who will be guests together with the director Mauro Russo Rouge, and The Listener latest work by Lidia Ravviso, also in the hall, produced by Erika Lust, and finally culminating in the great party of Fish & Chips FIFTH & FILTH PARTY by OFF Topic.

Sex workers and the big screen, whose liaison is marked by cultural misunderstandings, stereotypes and preconceptions that has lasted since the dawn of cinema, will be at the center of the first screening of the day.
Saturday 24 at 11.00 at the Cinema Massimo, Juliana Piccillo’s The Celluloid Bordello, a meta-cinematographic documentary that analyzes the representation on the big screen of sex work from the point of view of those who freely choose to practice it. Following, a meeting with the sex worker Elettra Arazatah and the film historian and teacher Giulia Muggeo, who will discuss how cinema has contributed to (de) building the imaginary on sex work.

At 2.30 pm, the protagonist of this year’s focus and Mexican multidisciplinary artist Linda Porn, will be a guest in the cinema at the Cinema Massimo for the screening of four short films that see her in front of and behind the camera in which, between documentary and video-art , the artist stages the issues dear to her such as the rights of sex workers, the denunciation of violence and the stigma of which they are victims, the racism and colonialism that permeates the attempts to regulate the sector. Paladin of the post-pornographic genre, her works are characterized by a Do-It-Yourself style and tell about her career as a performer and activist.

In parallel to the Blah Blah, the workshop PLEASURE IS ALL OURS will be held, curated by Feminist Psychoerotica – by the porno activist Slavina and Serena Calò, relational psychoanalyst specializing in feminist therapy – invites you to play with your body-mind to find out how, through an exercise healthy and aware, it is possible to keep the channel of erotic energy open and find alternative ways of fulfillment.

It continues with a double appointment with the erotic short with the 5 titles in the SHORT competition at 4.30 pm, and to follow at 6.30 pm the SHORT XXX category, will show 6 explicit shorts, 4 of which in Italian preview. Will compete to win respectively the SEXJUJUBE.IT Award – Best Short Film (500 €) and Best XXX Short Film Award (500 €) awarded by the jurors Elettra Arazatah (sex worker), Giovanna Maina (professor specialized in gender representations in the media and contemporary alternative pornography ) and Massimiliano Supporta, (videomaker, artistic director of the TOHorror Film Fest). To these is added for the first time the Audience Award.

The evening of Saturday 24th at 8.30 pm will tune into Radiopornopanda, the porn on demand web channel created by the Piedmontese couple of performers LaPandina and Dr. Panda, through which they have been able to transform the passion for sex into a profession, and which is center of the homonymous documentary directed by Mauro Russo Rouge. Arriving in porn almost by accident, LaPandina and Dr. Panda started in December 2018 with the show called “Barturbate” on the live cam site Chaturbate and immediately attracted incredible attention. But what does such a choice entail, even on a human and emotional level?
The director will present the film with LaPandina and Dr. Panda.

At 10.15 pm, Lidia Ravviso – author of The Girls of Porno – will be a guest in the room to present her latest work, The Listener; a curious and amusing supernatural thriller of setting produced by Erika Lust, in which the protagonist, just moved to her new apartment in a Victorian building, every time she masturbates acquires a portentous hearing that allows her to hear everything that happens in the building . When the dead escape us, she is the only witness. The film is presented by the director Lidia Ravviso.

From the big screen to the dancefloor, the liberation of bodies will travel on the frequencies of Diavola and Malormone Crew with the FIFTH & FILTH PARTY, the great Fish & Chips party at the OFF Topic, Saturday 24th from 11.30pm – admission up to you. Illustrator and photographer, Diavola collaborates as a DJ with the collective TOMBOYS DON’T CRY – Milanese queer transfeminist platform – with sounds that blend afrobeat, electronics and new club research. With her at the console the Malormone Crew of Turin, with its characteristic gender confusion – also in the music selection -, accompanied by XXX projections merged into a hardcore video installation.

FISH & CHIPS 5 – The program for Saturday 24 September