French laughs, action, suspense and a classic renew the billboard

The French comedy “The Toast” follows the misadventures of Adrien, a 35-year-old man in crisis

Starting today, five premieres renew the La Plata commercial billboard, led by “El brindis”, a French comedy that tells the story of Adrien, a 35-year-old man immersed in the typical doubts of middle age, whom the viewer meets at a time when the one that his girlfriend has asked him for “a break” and the pause is becoming unbearably long, he has a broken heart and his life and his family are exhausting for him.

Adrien (Benjamin Lavernhe) usually has dinner with his parents, his sister and her fiancé, but he feels more and more strange and, in silence, he continues to play his familiar role – he says what he is expected to say – but his subconscious elaborate complex (and ideal) reactions to each comment.

To recount these moments, director Laurent Tirard, director of “Little Nicholas” and “Asterix and Obelix: At Her Majesty’s Service”, “freezes” the real image, but not through technology, but instead asks the actors to stop in their tracks, as Adrien’s imagination takes over. At one of those endless dinners, where Adrien’s head is about to explode, his future brother-in-law unexpectedly asks him to prepare a speech for his wedding toast. He panics, because he is unable to speak in public, and the number of options that occur to him to avoid giving that speech go through the most unthinkable and comical ideas.


But in addition to this French comedy, films for all tastes arrive at the City’s cinemas. The main proposal from Hollywood is “The Wild Girl”, a film based on a best seller that follows Kya Clark, also known as the girl of the swamps by the inhabitants of Barkley Cove, a mysterious and wild young woman: abandoned by her family, The girl will spend most of her life in the swamps of the southern United States in the 1950s. When an important man in the city is found dead and inexplicably linked to Kya, she becomes the main suspect in this murder case. .

There will also be terror, for the youngest, with “Jack in the cursed box 2”, a sequel that follows the story of Olga, a woman who suffers from a strange incurable disease, which has left her little time to live. For some hidden reason, among her possessions, which she goes through to determine what to sell and what to give away, she finds an ancient jack-in-the-box, incredibly well-cared for and dangerous. As soon as she manages to open it, she understands that it is something supernatural, with a demonic figure that appears with the intention of killing her. But the woman makes a deal with the creature: she will help him collect the six victims she needs to get out of her confinement, as long as the demon frees her from her illness.

In addition, an action proposal arrives on the billboard: “Vertigo”, the story of two best friends who climb 600 meters to the top of a remote and abandoned radio tower, and find themselves stranded.

The billboard will also be renewed with an “old man but good guy”: within the framework of the re-release of several classics during September, “Sueños de libertad” returns to the screen, a 1994 classic that follows Andy Dufresne, a young banker sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his wife and her lover, despite pleading not guilty.

French laughs, action, suspense and a classic renew the billboard