Genndy Tartakovsky Discusses the Shocking End of Primal Season 2

The creator of Primal has also warned that the third season of the animated series will have important changes

Primal is a story about survival and the persevering force of loyalty, thus perfecting the archetypal friendship between man and beast that they demonstrate spear Y fang, a caveman riding a tyrannosaurus rex to fight against a real animal kingdom of prehistoric monsters and sword-wielding conquerors. The animated series created by Genndy Tartakovsky has reached the end of its second season with an episode that will not leave fans indifferent.

The denouement spelled the end for the series’ prehistoric protagonist, Spear, who made the ultimate sacrifice for her loved ones. As the episode ends with fans’ doubts, Tartakovsky sat down with Entertainment Weekly to clarify some things, as well as to talk about what the future of the series could be.

“I think if I had killed Fang they would have put a price on my head,” jokes the creator of Primal.

Some viewers have expressed on the Internet that what led to Spear’s death was not convincing. After all, in the first season the caveman outwitted zombie dinosaurs, a coven of witches, monster vampire bats, and even a giant spider. But Tartakovsky claims that it was the end of the previous series of him, samurai jackthe one who helped influence the ending of Spear’s story.

“After Samurai Jack and the way we ended the last season, I got a lot of criticism for not giving Jack a happy ending. In my opinion, he is a samurai, that is his destiny in life. We can’t all be happy.”

“For this, before starting, I had an idea of ​​where I wanted to go. The whole scope of the series is about evolution [de Spear]. It’s like the last caveman, the last Neanderthal. So his evolution, in a way, is the continuation of his family.”

“He’s up against this villain who has supernatural power. It is not just a creature. It is something beyond man. I felt that if they beat them, it was not right. So why not leave in a moment of glory? He does everything to protect the family from him, as always, but that’s too much. You want it to be realistic, even though this is the most unreal series ever made. You want it to be believable character-wise. To continue with his daughter seemed to me the right thing to do ».

Tartakovsky also testified that his own daughter, Lilah Tartakovsky, voiced the final battle cry of Spear and Mira’s daughter. Entertainment Weekly asked if this means future episodes of Primal will focus on her, but Tartakovsky says he has other ideas.

“I see the end. [Risas] I don’t want to go on with this story. I feel like this season we’ve done it all, in a way. I want it to become almost an anthology series, in which the third season is still called Primal, but with a different subtitle. Little dialogue, a lot of emotion, survival, rawness, visual narration: All that, but with different characters. There are more things I want to do with Primal, not necessarily Spear and Fang. Maybe if there’s a gigantic clamor, we’ll continue the story with his daughter and Mira and the dinosaurs. I’d have to really think about it.”

At the time of this writing, Primal has not been officially renewed for a third season. Tartakovsky has also worked on the original shorts for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has been the producer of The Super Chicks. In 2024 and 2025, she has two films in the pipeline, Fixed Y Black Knightbeing director and screenwriter of both projects.

Genndy Tartakovsky Discusses the Shocking End of Primal Season 2