Ghost, an unforgettable musical

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An unforgettable love, a questionable friend and an irreparable death. Irremediable not to feel nostalgic when enjoying the musical Ghostthat story taken to the big screen and that was the highest grossing in the 90s. A romantic drama that continues to reap hits through this melodic and animated version in the theater.

With all the seats sold out for the four days, the Gran Teatro de Córdoba is filled with a mysterious aura. The name of the musical in capital letters, Ghost, on the blue background of the curtain is covered by smoke that turns the stands into a spooky spaceuntil a voice in off assures what attendees expect: «The character of Sam will be played by david bustamante«.

From that moment until the end, applause and cheers are not lacking. Undoubtedly, the protagonist of the evening is supported by a spectacular fan club, however, that young Cantabrian, who rose to fame in 2001 after his participation in the first edition of Triumph operation, It is no longer what it was. Bustamante is still in training and being a singer falls short, demonstrating self-assurance on stage and his worth as an actor.

Brilliant also the voice and the interpretation of anna dachs in the character of the unique Molly. Subtle, tender and in love, undoubtedly the role of Molly carries great weight. Dachs manages to bring order to the stage and remember that it is a drama, she has lost the love of her life and the tearful scenes they could not miss.

The other star of the musical is ella ruiz, who plays Oda Mae Brown, “clairvoyant, fortune teller and spiritualist.” The enigmatic role of her ensures the comic and essential point of the story. between laughs and contagious laughter From some spectator, it is surprising that the staging is so faithful to the film, such as Oda Mae arriving at the bank to take the check for ten million dollars and endorsing an outfit identical to that of the film.

Magic tricks literally fly

songs indelibleyes that the public hums, how could it be otherwise, unchained melody; the mud scene that does not disappoint and about two hours of special effects and Magic Tricks that surprise and leave the attendees with their mouths open: “How did they do it?”, they wonder.

From the first moment it amazes, when Sam and Bustamante die unfolds into two bodies or when the protagonist manages to move objects and the handkerchiefs fly over the stands, among many other shocking moments. All this, work of the Italian illusionist Paul Letter that fills the place with the supernatural and extraordinary effects.

Success also reaped by the scenery. Fast, agile and effective. A brooklyn loft that transforms into a bench in just a few seconds, the Crosby Street (where Sam dies) becomes a hospital, a subway car that appears out of nowhere, and the mythical scene in which Manhattan 42nd St. Station.

The musical, directed by Federico Bellonehas received the Broadway World Spain Award 2020 to the Best Musical. For the moment and “beyond love”, Ghostis already an unforgettable musical for the people of Cordoba who stood up at the last moment to praise the successful show.

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Ghost, an unforgettable musical