Ghostly presences in a neighborhood of Corrientes

The city of Corrientes, with its streets, neighborhoods and places, contains different stories, myths and legends that were transmitted from generation to generation and that emerged from the imagination of the residents of that area, becoming part of their identity. In a city as old as Corrientes, more than four hundred years old and full of enigmas and mysteries, it is not new that all kinds of stories of ghosts, apparitions and burials arise that soon become part of urban legends, some with additions and others not. , but all with some foundation of reality. The housing complex in the Virgen de los Dolores neighborhood, located in the vicinity of the historic San Juan Bautista cemetery, is no stranger to beliefs about paranormal or esoteric phenomena. And one of the scenarios was the Pecarevich house, about which some neighbors expressed their fear due to the presence of ghosts of children and possibly the existence of tunnels that connect with the historic cemetery. On this occasion, as a result of all the phenomena that were occurring, El Litoral carried out investigative journalistic work throughout the surrounding area and divergences were discovered among the members of the neighborhood community. Some old neighbors discarded the myths surrounding the old construction of the Pecarevich House and some construction managers ruled out the existence of underground connections with the neighboring cemetery of the capital.

Although the San Juan Bautista cemetery dates from 1871, residents of the Virgen de los Dolores neighborhood pointed out that the Pecarevich house is currently approximately 86 years old and its construction would have been in the first decades of the last century. The proximity to the cemetery and the relative isolation of the house from the historic center of the city, served for the formation of myths and urban legends around the old flower fields in the area. Selva, one of the neighbors in the area commented: “I don’t want to enter the Pecarevich house because since I was a girl I’ve heard legends about ghosts of children who got lost in the flower fields and who disappeared. Our grandparents also said that the first owners were lepers and that rituals of an unknown type were performed there. Just thinking about going there gives me goosebumps, I don’t want to imagine being in those places”. Another inhabitant of that neighborhood pointed out that “some neighbors say they have seen ghosts in that house and want the building to be demolished, but we are negotiating with the authorities so that it is remodeled and reused for other useful purposes for the neighborhood.”

Divergent opinions

On the other hand, a group of neighbors say they are unaware of the myths that circulate in the neighborhood around the house and pointed out that they could be relatively new beliefs. “When we were children -they point out- we played in the fields of flowers and crops in the area and we never saw anything. Some of us even entered the Pecarevich’s house, which had luxurious and antique furniture. It may be that the events they relate have happened in other times, but we did not see or feel anything.” According to the architect Marisol Maciel in her book “El barrio Virgen de los Dolores”, the first settlements around the San Juan Bautista cemetery were only in the 60s in the last century. Meanwhile, the Pecarevich house would have been informally occupied approximately four decades ago. Another of the beliefs that exist about this construction is the existence of a tunnel that connects with the cemetery, located about 200 meters away. There are neighbors who believe in the existence of a tunnel that communicated with the cemetery and related it to the appearance of alleged ghosts in the area. However, from the Housing Institute of Corrientes they pointed out that the mentioned tunnels do not exist and that despite its dilapidated state, the building was being inhabited by two families, usurped, who subsequently abandoned it, it is not known under what circumstances.

Specifically, the San Juan Bautista cemetery and its surroundings, since its installation in that area, has always been, to a greater or lesser extent, the center of comments for ghostly apparitions, either within the cemetery or in nearby places. There has always been some legend or comment about apparitions, which is why the residents of the area are already used to this type of comment and do not give it much importance, whether or not they are true facts.

In other words, they are used to living with the supernatural or paranormal. It is said, for example, among the many cases discussed, that there is a ghostly apparition that can be seen in the central corridor of the cemetery, a gentleman dressed in 19th-century clothes, who walks slowly and stops at the Cruz Mayor, where he disappears. Another case is that of a nun who is seen walking between the niches and tombs in the side aisles where she finally disappears. Surprising cases that give more than one goosebumps. A shocking case is the one that happened recently, about a month and a half ago. A man, a neighbor, told that he went to bring flowers to his mother, who recently died, and when he was going down the second side corridor, as he passed by, a lady who was sitting on a bench in front of a pantheon caught his attention, she was wearing dark clothes and his face covered by a mantilla, one of those used before to go to mass. She seemed to be sobbing, so this man retraced her steps to ask if she was passing him something, or if she had wanted to steal from her. But to her surprise, at that moment the woman got up and walked slowly towards the pantheon, crossing the bars that separated her from the corridor, and there she disappeared. You can imagine how the man was, scared and shocked. Another of the many stories that circulate in cemeteries and many of them recent. The afterlife will always be a mystery, like death.

Ghostly presences in a neighborhood of Corrientes – El litoral