Great trips: remote places and remote islands, nature in its purest form

Travel and travel and the further, the better. If in 2022 the trend was short getaways to nearby places, this year remote places, remote islands, where you can spend at least two or three weeks unhurried and in communion with nature.

If you have time and money, you can do Around the World in 80 Days and emulate the adventures of Phileas Fogg to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Jules Verne’s novel. No, we will not leave you wanting to board. We give you long-distance clues.

Decipher the enigmas in Rapa Nui or why going around the world was an impossible mission when rounding the Cape of Good Hope

1. To the antipodes

New Zealand. It is the furthest geographical point from Spain on the planet, 20,000 km away, literally at the antipodes. The country of the kiwis, the haka –Maori war dance–, movie sets (The Lord of the Rings) and wild landscapes. Pure nature.

An ideal place for lovers of road trips and motorhomes; road and blanket to tour its two islands. The North, the Major, and the South float to the southwest of the Pacific. Beautiful national parks, volcanoes, ice walks on glaciers like Fox, rugged hills and the small, calm bays of the Marlborough Sounds await you. According to Maori mythology, they are the prows of the sunken waka –traditional canoes– of Aoraki, with dreamy beaches. And yes, you will be able to watch an All Blacks game.

2. The South Seas

Crystal clear beach of Tahiti.

Crystal clear beach of Tahiti.

Tahiti. Welcome to paradise if you have dreamed of beaches with white, pink or black sand, according to the whims of nature; Turquoise waters so transparent that with the naked eye you can enjoy the colorful fish around you.

Tahiti is the largest and most popular, with Bora Bora, of the islands of French Polynesia, the pearl that has seduced painters and artists, travelers and adventurers throughout history. Discover its famous waterfalls, such as the impressive Valmahuta, or its lagoons, natural pools surrounded by coral reefs where dolphins, rays, sharks and turtles swim.

Tempting, right? Well, don’t trust yourself and don’t lie down under a coconut tree, you could get hurt. When you leave the island, yes, everything arrives, you will leave infected with mana – the secret energy that the locals radiate.

3. The trail of ET

Easter Island. The Earth has magical places with an energy like coming from beyond. A magnet for ufologists. This is the case of the Chilean island, ancestral cradle of the Rapanui, 3,700 km from the Andean country and 2,000 from the nearest inhabited island.

In the middle of the Pacific, the enigmatic moai figures emerge in a supernatural landscape. Let yourself be abducted by some theories that place an imaginary straight line around the planet that would perfectly align these statues and other extraordinary monuments with the celestial vault as far apart in time and geography as the Egyptian pyramids or the Borobudur temple in Java. The alien hand and technology would be behind this theoretical placement. Just for traveling, we bought it.

Boulders Bay on the Cape Peninsula (South Africa), which is home to a colony of African penguins.

Boulders Bay on the Cape Peninsula (South Africa), which is home to a colony of African penguins.

4. Like a sultan

Oman. The small sultanate is the least known of the luxury destinations on the Arabian peninsula (Dubai and Qatar). Unlike them, its skyline is not dominated by almost impossible skyscrapers; beautiful low-rise, white or ocher arabesque constructions flood its landscape. Shopping, luxury resorts with private beaches, a bucolic desert landscape full of orchards and the route of the old forts with the jewel of Nizwa await you.

Esplanade of the Great Mosque of Sultan Qabus, in Muscat (Oman), the largest in the country.

Esplanade of the Great Mosque of Sultan Qabus, in Muscat (Oman), the largest in the country.

5. A melting pot

South Africa. The traces and wounds of its recent history are still very present in the southern country. A nation of contrasts that in terms of its impressive nature will not disappoint you. The waters of two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic, stir at the end of the country; from the top of the Cape of Good Hope you will know why the trip around the world was an almost impossible mission. He will contemplate the impressive black-maned lions, not in vain, it is a great destination for a safari.

Before you fly keep in mind…

Air routes. With Russian airspace closed by the war in Ukraine, some airlines have changed their long-haul routes and have had to introduce more stops and raise prices.

Covid. Make sure of the entry requirements of the country you are going to. Vaccination certificate with two doses or a Covid passport are the most common. Some countries require a PCR test.

Neither in nor out. Nations like New Zealand are very restrictive with the entry of food, plants or animals. The fines for breaking the law are very high and you can be deported. Don’t risk taking beach sand or coral as a souvenir either. It is usually prohibited.

Great trips: remote places and remote islands, nature in its purest form