Happy resolutions for this 2023… let’s aim high and with a broad vision

December has always been an important month, it is a time that, regardless of whether one professes the Catholic faith and shares the supernatural or spiritual sense, brings with it the celebration of Christmas, brings with it unique moments to share with the family, as well as to close a cycle and open a new one.

As with the birth of the baby Jesus, this month gives us the opportunity to be reborn, to endorse what we want to continue including in our lives what perfects us and makes us better people and put aside what does not.

In any case, in any of these decisions our knowledge, intelligence and will always play a fundamental role, whether it is to preserve or depart from a certain habit, a situation or a relationship, the truth is that we ourselves choose and as such, we know that By choosing a path, we set ourselves apart from the other options that were presented to us.

Our choices are always linked to our will, which moves to achieve what we have decided, which implies the generation of commitments, which are born on a personal level, although they can also be related to one or more people and almost always have repercussions. not only in our individual jurisdiction, clearly including the spiritual realm, but also outside of our person, in the family, the social, even the political.

You may wonder: and now… why so philosophical? And the truth is, he is absolutely right, these dates also serve us to take a brief stop along the way and ask ourselves these questions or rediscover these internal mechanics that, I admit, can and surely are, much more elaborate than what I barely outlined in these lines and being concatenated to many complexities that, a good part of the time, do not depend only on us to specify some decisions or goals that we want to develop, but that is also the interesting thing about life, it is like a great puzzle designed for each one of us It’s up to us and it’s up to us to find all the pieces and place them at the right time and place (… more reflections).

Perhaps for this reason, I think that this is the right place and time for us to reflect on those things that are directly in our hands, outside of those storms that economic, political or social specialists always predict for us. .

Each one of us can and I think we should introspect for it and although these reflections should be daily, this time allows us to do it in greater detail and depth, for example, if we are outraged by the violence we are experiencing, let us decide and commit ourselves to avoiding it in all its manifestations, forms and areas, does not mean that by wishing we will achieve it, but if we become aware and want to incorporate this quality into our person, we can generate that commitment, starting from our inner self, learning to accept, love and respect ourselves . Avoiding being unwavering judges, in short, becoming our own executioners, learning to forgive ourselves if we stumble along the way and try again, renew our commitments and move on.

Continuing with our closest environment, our family, our loved ones, on whom sometimes and without wanting it, we download comments or attitudes that are far from the love and understanding that we think or say that we profess them. Let’s be particularly sensitive to listen, know or recognize their tastes, their needs, their dreams and their goals, in short, connect or reconnect with them and be careful with our words so that, instead of being darts loaded with judgments, they are petals impregnated with respect and empathy, although we do not necessarily live or share those ideas or those dreams.

Finally, it is necessary to extend this conviction to our other social environments, with our friends, co-workers, clients and other people around us, try to understand the reasons of others, dialogue, understand their needs and ways of thinking and understand the life, even if we do not agree with them, in short, to become agents of peace and understanding.

Trying to eradicate violence from our environment leads us to promote other qualities or abilities in our person, such as self-esteem, resilience, tolerance, generosity, prudence, strength and charity with others, among other virtues and values. It also allows us to give our objectives and goals a multidimensional scope, from the personal, to the social and political, it is an objective that allows us to aim high, helps us improve ourselves individually and participate in the construction of a better society. and a better concept of what humanity is.

I share this reflection to invite you to aim high these days, that we seek that our goals and objectives build us in a much broader way than what is strictly personal, that allow us to observe that by building our personal purposes, we can contribute to the good of others.

I wish you the best on these dates, may God bless us, may the Holy Spirit enlighten us and may Jesus accompany us on the paths of this new year that is just around the corner.

Happy resolutions for this 2023… let’s aim high and with a broad vision