He suffers a panic attack when he sees a doll walking alone in his room

A kind of ‘diabolical doll’, made of porcelain, was recorded by a womanwho shared how he had a panic attack when he saw her ‘walk alone’ at her bedroom door.

The TikTok user @morganroberts651I know I was lying down in his bed when he suddenly noticed how the toy was trying to gain access to the room.

In a disturbing videothe woman is heard to say after a nervous laugh: «I have ordered my children to don’t play with this dollbut tonight they have passed. He has to leave the house, it scares me a lot».

@morganroberts651 I suggested we burned it, but remembered this doll has literally survived a house fire. #panicattack #thethingsweinherit #shesgottago #porcelindolls #shealsohasonearm #fyp #dollsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Morgan Roberts

What a scare!!!

Such was the level of nervousness that immediately turned on the light from the room and began to record the ‘little horror scene’ with his mobile. What a joke!!!

In a second video piece, Morgan explains the story behind the disturbing doll. The toy belonged to his grandmother and it has been in his family for a lot of years, but after the ‘sinister encounter’ in the bedroom, «you have to get out of here as soon as possible”, she adds scared.

@morganroberts651 Update on the doll, the day she starts crying in my house is the day she gets gone. Fr. #update#porcelindolls #k18results #dollsoftiktok #100yearsold #thethingsweinherit ♬ original sound – Morgan Roberts

Anyone interested in give love and hugs to this porcelain jewel? 😉

P.S. I leave you other terrifying stories with a lot of ‘intrigue and tummy ache’.

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(Photo: @morganroberts651 –TIKTOK)

He suffers a panic attack when he sees a doll walking alone in his room