He was “dead” for 20 minutes and had a supernatural experience: “There was someone next to me”

The moving story of a man who was “dead” for 20 minutes in an operating room excited users of social networks. This is Scott Drummond, a 60-year-old American who at 28 suffered a skiing accident, had to undergo surgery and experienced a supernatural moment while they were intervened.

The video with Drummond’s testimony was published in May 2020 on the YouTube channel Prioritize Your Life, that brings together inspiring life stories. The man related that he “died” on the operating table and described what he saw during those 20 minutes in which he “flyed over” the room.

The story of the man who was “dead” for 20 minutes

As the protagonist of this story commented, during a vacation at a ski center he suffered an accident and although it took him a while to realize it, he dislocated his thumb. To fix it, he had to undergo routine surgery, but it all went wrong when a nurse who didn’t know how to make a tourniquet got his valves mixed up and stopped his heart.

“She opened the second valve and forgot to close the first one. Suddenly I had the feeling that something was going up my arm, across my heart and The next thing I knew, I was on my body watching the operation.”, Drummond commented moved by the memory. And he revealed:I wasn’t alone, I had someone by my side watching. And I don’t know if this is normal or not but I watched every stitch they put on my thumb.”

The man “died” in the middle of surgery and lived a supernatural experience (Photo: File)Shutterstock

Drummond recounted that he could see the nurse who ran out of the operating room shouting “I killed him!”. “Although I never saw the person next to me, I sat next to him as if I knew him. And everything was done through the mind, there was no way to speak. I could hear what the doctor was doing, but I could never hear what was being said with the person and he was next to me, ”he recalled. Today, 45 years after that difficult-to-explain event, he believes that person was God.

Before opening his heart in the YouTube interview, he had only told his wife and a handful of close friends. the experience that changed his life and that, according to him, he changed the way he saw his own existence, going from “earning money” to dedicating himself to his family.

After seeing the frantic exit of the nurse and her cry for help, the man said he was transported to a field filled with magnificent flowers and waist-high grass by his faceless guide. “And I remember it so vividly that I couldn’t look back, or was ordered not to look back. The next thing I knew, and it was like the blink of an eye, I was standing in a field where the person who was with me was right next to me, but I couldn’t see them,” he recounted.

I looked to the left and there were some big tall trees, and I remember they were the most unusual trees, they had a long trunk with leaves on top, and there were a lot of -described-. Then to the right of that, which would still be to the left of me, were wildflowers, beautiful wildflowers, and they were waist high. And I just remember looking and seeing how beautiful the flowers were, because something I really enjoy is yard work and gardening and I just remember that the bright colors were magnificent”.

He was "dead" 20 minutes and it was a before and after: "I knew I had to do something better with my life." (Photo: Video Capture)
He was “dead” for 20 minutes and it was a before and after: “I knew I had to do something better with my life” (Photo: Video Capture)

In a moment, the person who was accompanying him disappeared and he was left alone, “but there was a lot of peace”clarifies the man and says that he saw a white cloud pass near him. Her life flashed before his eyes like a video. She saw everything she had done, both the good and the bad.

I remember that some things hurt me. Some made me feel good. But it was what it was. I knew I had to do something better with my life.he mused.


He was “dead” for 20 minutes and had a supernatural experience: “There was someone next to me”