Horoscope 2023: here are the 4 highlights that will mark the year

A liberating start to the year

From the first days of 2023, and until January 19, Mercury retrograde. Same observation from April 22 to May 15: the planet of communication and the intellect changes course. She dumps everything to turn around. Result: everything is upside down. SOS and distress flares! Mercury masters the art and the way to sow discord in our daily lives. Buckle up and embark on the most liberating roller coaster in the cosmos! Yes, if, on paper, a potential return of exes, misunderstandings and loss of objects of all kinds can be scary, in fact, these periods could be much more beneficial than expected. The beginning of the year therefore invites us to introspection. It’s time to ask the right questions. To take a step back to take a little break, a time for reflection. Not necessarily fun, but necessary. The purpose of this astral focus: to help us revisit certain areas of our lives to allow us to evolve. More concretely, our exchanges, our communications, our interactions are being reinvented. To get through this period, it is better to organize and anticipate. Even you, friends Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius! No more carpe diem, better to plan than to have to catch up. We concentrate, we make to do lists… In short, we try to put ourselves in a studious atmosphere. We also advise you to think before you speak. Go in writing, reread the contracts… don’t answer your exes! They don’t deserve it and you might regret it. Breathe, meditate, let go. Mercury retrogrades to make you aware that an incredible force lies dormant within you. Warrior, where are you?

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A tumultuous summer

This summer, the stars invite us to deconstruct our principles and forget our ideals. There is change in the air. Say goodbye to la dolce vita and hello to questioned. It all starts on June 30 with Neptune going retrograde. By turning around in the sky, the planet of illusion creates confusion. We dive into troubled waters to learn how to better qualify our needs and prioritize our desires. Will our crush be arty and Sagittarius or rock and Scorpio? Difficult to choose. At the same time, do we really have to make a choice? Coup de grace on July 18, the lunar nodes change course. A new cycle begins, and with it, a new sentimental challenge. On the Aries-Libra axis, the lunar nodes invite us to initiate a change in our relationships. Do we listen enough to others? Are our desires fulfilled? In short, we are reviewing our copy. From July 24, Venus retrograde: the planet of love questions us about our relationship to ourselves, our image, the value we place on ourselves. Everything here is done to enhance our uniqueness. To love yourself before being loved: here is the only lesson that heaven is trying to give us this summer. Is this a reason to give up flirting? For Libras to stop stressing, the answer is obviously no. The exchanges and meetings will simply be different, more reasoned. The idea is to focus on what’s exciting, to refocus on passion, to release tension to shine again. Transformations in anticipation.

A Transformative Autumn

The quintessential makeover season is set to shake you up in 2023. Yes, you’ll watch the rain fall, gaze into space while listening to Taylor Swift: but, we promise, it’s for your good. The climax ? The full moon of October 28 in Taurus, which will have the good tone to be also a lunar eclipse. Translation for the ungodly of astrology: a wave of emotions is brewing, felt tsunami. In the cycle of the lunations, the full moon already acts as a premenstrual syndrome, it exposes the emotions. But the eclipse gives this lunar phase an even more intense dimension. The questions collide and the doubts never end. During this full moon, you will feel like Socrates and Daniel Balavoine: “I know that I know nothing” will be your only certainty, apart from the unpleasant impression that life teaches you nothing. Do not panic, this period of cosmic doubt is more than beneficial and you will come out of it changed. No, we’re not talking about cutting your bangs yourself, on a whim, at 3 a.m. That’s more of a typical Saturn retrograde ending error, as it will be on November 4th. The star of responsibilities resumes its normal course and, at the same time, reserves you a little moment of floating. Positive point: a serious career boost. Negative point: a furious desire to challenge authority. Even if it’s “just” that of your hairdresser. Stay away from scissors and you should be fine.

An optimistic winter

Winter and optimism in the same sentence, does that seem a little supernatural to you? It’s that you are not yet familiar with Sagittarius: good living, good casual and good descent. As in the pig, everything is good with Sagittarius. This sign and its favorite planet, Jupiter, are preparing to punctuate your winter with raclette evenings, plans for the coming year and good (Christmas) spirit. As a starter, a new moon in Sagittarius on December 13 will undoubtedly whet your appetite. One could say that the sign of the centaur pours little in the measure, but let’s talk like him: the archer of the sky is an excessive, an exuberant, a blind optimist. Ideal for the holiday season and its (big) holes in the budget. The peak of this Sagittarius attitude will take place on December 31, since Jupiter ends its retrograde phase. As a main course this winter, we will therefore find too much champagne, too many covers of “Destiny” by Guy Marchand at karaoke, and definitely too many petits-fours. Our astrological advice: drink plenty of water and take activated charcoal. And because a Sagittarius meal is never without dessert, the little sweetness of this end of the year 2023 will be… a passage in 2024 in full retrograde of Mercury! And if you apprehend this sponge cake of chaos on its bed of misunderstandings, all sprinkled with lost parcels and recipient errors, do like the Sagittarius: tell yourself that it’s only astrology and that it will be better next year.

Horoscope 2023: here are the 4 highlights that will mark the year – Elle