How Black Panther 2 paved the way for Ironheart, before its Disney+ series

After her introduction in Wakanda Forever, Dominique Thorne will return to play Riri Williams next year, in an MCU series.

Wakanda Forever didn’t just introduce the “new” Black Panther. The film currently in theaters also introduces Riri Williams, a recent character from Marvel comics, who becomes iron hearta new heroine in bionic armor, real Iron Man feminine. The actress Dominique Thorne puts on the costume for the first time on the occasion of Black Panther 2, for an appetizer before the Disney + series entirely devoted to the character.

Indeed, next year we will find Riri in iron heartnew creation for the streaming platform: “When we cross paths with Riri, whether in the comics or on screen, we meet someone in the middle of their daily life. We get a glimpse of their normal life, and we don’t do an origin story classic, as you might expect, with the entry of a new heroine”, comment Dominique Thorne in Colliderwhich explains its partition in Black Panther 2 “more like a day in the life of this young 19-year-old student who also does something crazy in her free time and now has to deal with…”

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Spoiler alert! In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, we indeed discover that Riri Williams has built a machine capable of detecting vibranium – and that it has been co-opted by the American government. Before that, Riri was just a brilliant student and built amazing inventions just because she wanted to. Stark style. She will then build this bionic armor, not quite finished yet. Besides, in Varietythe actress reveals that she had to wear a real costume of 25 kilos on her back!

“It was pretty cool, I’m not going to lie. But it was pretty supernatural to feel the weight of it. It was a quick and efficient way to become Riri Williams. Sure, she’s an engineer, but it’s also a mechanic. She’s a jack of all trades. She builds things with her hands – largely from scratch – to craft whatever she has in mind. Unlike some of the other combinations that can be added later with visual effects, we shot here with real effects, i.e. a real costume on the back (and not added digitally in post-production). To feel its weight on my body. To understand how it moves.. .”

The events of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever also lead Riri to realize her own potential. Thereby, Dominique Thorne analysis in Collider that the young woman will have already changed when the series begins:

“When we go to dive into his world in iron heartwe will also have the opportunity to explore who Riri is in a less tense daily life, where the stakes are not so high, but also in delicate situations in which they risk putting themselves in danger because of their ambition. Because thanks to the events of Black Panther 2Riri realized the full potential of his genius…”

iron heart

Series iron heart is nearing the end of filming these days but isn’t expected to premiere on Disney+ until fall 2023.

In the casting, we will also see Lyric Ross (Wendell & Wild), Anthony Ramos (In the Heights), Manny Montana (Good Girls), Alden Ehrenreich (Solo: A Star Wars Story), and Zoe Terakes, as well as Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) whose name is actively whispered.

How Black Panther 2 paved the way for Ironheart, before its Disney+ series