How the latest volume of “The Arab of the Future” by Riad Sattouf is different from the previous ones

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Riad Sattouf on the set of “Daily” this Wednesday, November 23

BOOK – ” I went from little blond angel to troll when I was 16 », jokes Riad Sattouf on the set of Daily. Cartoonist released this Thursday, November 24 the highly anticipated sixth and final volume of the Arab of the future: Youth in the Middle East (at Allary Éditions), his series of comics worldwide successful autobiographical film started in 2014.

The saga tells the story of Riad Sattouf’s family, of the meeting between his father, Syrian, and his mother, French, and of his childhood and adolescence spent between Libya, Syria and France. This ultimate opus this time covers the period 1994-2011, from the age of 16 to the author’s 33 years. And its design was different from those of the previous ones. ” The birth of this album was perhaps more painful “says Riad Sattouf in the columns of West France.

And the director of next movie of the Unknowns to add: “ And at the same time, I have the feeling that it wrote itself. Before, I was doing storyboards and very precise cut-outs of the pages, which I had my friends read to collect their comments. “According to the 44-year-old designer, putting an end to his story has therefore been done” on instinct, in automatic writing, at full speed, without stopping. A bit like walking on embers. »

It’s the end that made me want to do these books »

It must be said that Riad Sattouf had fallen behind on the writing of this last volume. ” It’s funny, no actually it’s not really funny, but a year ago I fell, broke my arm, and couldn’t draw for five monthshe reveals for the magazine She. Around me, lots of people were talking to me rather psychologizing: ‘You needed to rest, you have too much weight on your shoulders…’ “.

And to the question of why this saga ends in 2011 and not before or after, the author replies that he already knew from the start where he was going. ” In the arab of the future 6there is an ending, which when it happened in reality, made me say that it would be a great ending to make me start telling this storyhe explains at Daily. It was the ending that made me want to do these books. »

No seventh volume in anticipation therefore. ” I may not forbid myself to tell the stories of my life again in ten or fifteen years, but anyway the arab of the future really ends as it ends at the end of this one. »

Since its launch eight years ago, the comic book series has sold nearly 3 million copies and been translated into 23 languages. ” For me, it’s a bit magical! I love the supernatural. I often tried to see paranormal phenomena, I never succeeded. The only one I attended, in fact, was the success of The Arab of the future ! There are so many people who know my family and its history, all generations and social categories combined! », rejoices Riad Sattouf.

That its readers are reassured however, the end of the saga does not however mark that of Notebooks of Esther, the author’s other hit series. Two final volumes are in preparation.

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How the latest volume of “The Arab of the Future” by Riad Sattouf is different from the previous ones