Information Service of the Independent Comic USA #494

Today we dedicate most of the USA indie newscast to bad ideayes, that editorial that was going to close has overwhelmed us with a good handful of releases in what they call their «part 2«. But we also have more authors in substacknew series of the universe Radiant Black and old series that are recovered. Go for it.

Bad Idea announces the titles of its re-release

We have already talked about the return of Bad Idea a few weeks ago, the publisher of Dinesh Shamdasani promised announcements soon and here they are, with a lot of weight from the authors who gave us the best time of valiantso we don’t get winded and we are going to present the series:

THEY’RE ALL TERRIBLE: A miniseries of four bimonthly issues whose release will take place on December 14. at the controls is Matt Kindt (XO Manowar, Cosmic Detective…) as a screenwriter, Ramon Villalobos (Border Town, night hawk…) to the drawing and Tamra Bonvillain (Once & Future, Proctor Valley Road…) as a colourist. With an overwhelming graphic section they intend to take us to a fantasy world with colorful beings and a lot of violence. They promise an epic adventure.

THE ENDS: It’s the turn of David Lapham (Lost bullets…) Y Mary Lapham. The couple offers us a thriller with dramatic overtones and the background of World War II in a three-issue miniseries that will be released from January 11, 2023, with a weekly cadence and in black and white. Considering his career the series is looking very good.


ESCAPE FROM WYOMING: With a more cartoony style and a tone that mixes science-fiction, western and comedy, they enter the scene Robert Venditti (XO Manowar, Green Lantern…) as a writer and Spanish Jorge Monlongo (Hello Kitty, cow and chicken) dealing with the entire graphic section. A curious work for its variety that begins on November 2, coming out monthly composed of three issues.


THE FINDER: We turn to two well-known artists, the screenwriter Christos Gage (Spiderman, Avengers Academy…) and the cartoonist Thomas Giorello (XO Manowar, Conan…) join forces supported by the colorist diego rodriguez (Eniac, Bloodshot) to present a story of superheroes, terror and espionage that will go on sale on February 1, 2023. And now, it will only be a single one-shot.

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WEREWOLF x SOCIETY OF FEARLESS FRONTIERSMEN: We already knew this one, by hearsay, since the publisher had already offered it in one of its promotions. It is a single issue with two stories that can be purchased from December 21. The first one is werewolfwith Peter Milligan (Britannia, X-Static…) Y Robert Gill (Britannia, Shadowman…) , while the second is called Society of fearless frontiersmenwhich has the aforementioned Robert Venditti, Thomas Giorello Y diego rodriguez. Two luxury creative teams that have already shown how well they work.


ORC ISLANDS: An adventure on an island full of orcs with them as protagonists? Yes, that’s what they say Joshua Dysart (harbinger, Violent Messiah…), Alberto Ponticelli (Goodnight Paradise, second sight…) Y matt hollingsworth (tokyo-ghost, seven for eternity) in this four-issue weekly series that bad idea It will go on sale on November 2. With those names they should have no problem selling it.


burning man: We end with another unique number in which it repeats Peter Milligan as a writer but this time with Spanish John Joseph Ryp (Britannia, XO Manowar) as a cartoonist and Andrew Dalhouse (Ninja-K, Bloodshot) of colourist. A story that is defined as “supernatural horror” and that is close to the “choose your own adventure” genre. It’s intriguing to say the least what this team can do under those terms.


Joshua Williamson creates Substack channel

Last year Substack, the platform for newsletters, offered a succulent offer to the most popular authors of the American mainstream: in exchange for a more than generous advance, they would offer their new comics from the platform. Given the amount of money and the few restrictions that the platform imposed (comics can be reissued on digital and paper), many accepted.

Joshua Williamson, one of DC Comics’ most prolific writers, accepted the offer, but on one condition: being busy with many DC projects, he would not open his account until mid-2022. True to his word, this week he created his YouTube channel. Substack. That offers? Merchandising and collector’s items from the Nailbitter universe, scripts for his comics, posts narrating in detail the process of creating his comics… and a Nailbitter spin-off. titled Tales From the Nailbitter and Other Terrifying Storiesthe series will be an anthology that will narrate stories of the other serial killers in the Nailbitter universe. Williamson will write only some of those stories, at other times it will be Mike Henderson, Nailbitter’s regular cartoonist, who writes and there will also be guest writers. Each issue will be drawn by a different cartoonist.


Of course, this Substack was born to please Nailbitter fans. Of course, if you like the series, but you do not like the digital format, do not fear: Tales From the Nailbitter and Other Terrifying Stories It will also have a paper edition by Image Comics.

Font: Joshua Williamson Substack.

Matthew Rosenberg also creates Substack channel

Joshua Williamson isn’t the only one to create a Substack channel this week. matthew rosenbergscreenwriter known for series like 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, punisher Y Uncanny X-Menhas also announced this week the creation of its own Substack channel.

Paid subscribers to your channel will have access to streams with Rosenberg and guests, posts narrating the creative process of the writer’s projects and at least 12 new comics a year. Rosenberg has six series in the works that will debut on Substack. The co-creators of these series are: Tyler Boss (4 Kids Walk Into A Bank), John Ferreyra (colder), Josh Hixson (The Joker: Puzzle Box), Stefano Landini (punisher), Any MacDonald (Multiple Man) Y Javier Rodríguez (The History of the Marvel Universe, defenders). It must be recognized that it is a good team of collaborators. If the channel is successful enough, there will be more series, of course.

Font: Ashcan Press Substack.

Radiant Pink is getting her own miniseries

The Radiant Black (also called the “Massive-Verse”) universe continues to expand with Radiant Pink. This five-issue miniseries will feature a script by Melissa Flores, drawing by Emma Kubert, and the collaboration of streamer Meghan Camarena.

In Radiant Pink we will follow Eva, for whom life is going quite well. Ever since her secret alter ego, Radiant Pink, started appearing on her streams, her views have skyrocketed and fame and fortune are just around the corner. But everything can be turned upside down when a charity event is interrupted by a squad of mercenaries who intend to hunt down Radiant.

The first issue of Radiant Pink will go on sale on December 7 this year in the market with three variable covers.


Font: Image Comics.

The creators of Ice Cream Man remaster their first series

Image Comics has announced the “remastering” of the first joint work of W. Maxwell Prince and Martín Morazzo, the creators of Ice Cream Man. It is a comic that was originally titled The Electric Sublime, but for this new edition it will feature the new Art Brut title, as well as new lettering and new covers.

The first issue of Art Brut will go on sale on December 7 of this year both in the North American market and on digital platforms and will feature 3 variant covers.


Font: Image Comics.

Information Service of the Independent Comic USA #494