“It was the kid’s dream”: The controversial love triangle that united Fito Páez, Charly García and Fabiana Cantilo

Within the Argentine music scene, a series of curious anecdotes are hidden that, if they are not captured in books or revealed in interviews, it is likely that the public will never know about them. Just like Fito Páez did in his new memoir, Childhood & Youth (2022), where he revealed a peculiar romance that brought him together with Charly García and Fabiana Cantilo.

Modern Clicks: When Fito Páez played with Charly García on his album and fell in love with Fabiana Cantilo

As reported Worship La Tercera, in the middle of the 1980s, Fito Páez was in the band of Juan Carlos Baglietto. In the midst of Rosario’s trova musical movement, a time when he was just beginning his career.

At one point he received a call from Daniel Grinbank, a businessman and key figure in Argentine entertainment. Who told him that Charly García wanted to have him in his new band.

This is how the artist was part of the second album by the former Sui Generis, Clics Modernos. “There wasn’t much to think about. It was the kid’s dream,” said Fito Páez about it.

One day, meeting in an office that overlooked the intersection of Rodríguez Peña with Santa Fe avenue in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the producer and also representative asked him for patience. “They are all here.”

“I didn’t quite understand which part was the one I was doing right.” Fito Páez wrote, “he was a lucky kid, without a doubt.”

The moment in which the man from Rosario fell in love with Fabiana Cantilo

Suddenly, someone opened the office door and Fabiana Cantilo appeared. “It was the monument to youth. I could only glance at her for the next few minutes. There was a beautiful silence as we met. We gave each other a circumstantial kiss. It was supernaturally beautiful. She bullied me.” Said the 59-year-old musician.

Fito Páez added the following in the book. “His angular face of him between Welsh and Creole. His brown eyes lit up mischievously. Her mouth, her full lips, and that mole of hers on her right cheek. Blonde hair caressed over the men. Her perfect neck became a torso with two soft breasts that rose above a T-shirt from The Police. Her miniskirt revealed her refined silhouette of a young and powerful woman ”.

According to him singer, he fell in love with her at that moment. “The adrenaline grew to unreal limits. All was a dream”.

Until Charly García, drummer Willy Iturri, guitarist Pablo Guyot, bassist Alfredo Toth and saxophonists Daniel Melingo and Gonzo Palacios suddenly entered.

The artist did not hold anything back and, after the introductions and some jokes, the group took two taxis to his apartment.

“The most beautiful girl in the world”

After recording the iconic album, in October 1983, rehearsals were already beginning to show it live.

Fabiana Cantilo, who served as a showgirl for Clics Modernos, asked Fito Páez on one of those days if he was “interested in UFOs. I said yes. What else were you going to answer the most beautiful girl in the world?” .

As Fito remembers, he assembled a Rhodes piano, a Korg Minimoog and an Opus 3 for the album presentations.

fito paez charly garcia

“Charly came to my set for the first time. Hardly looking at me or speaking to me, he lifted three fingers off the keyboard and turned to his set at the other end of the room. With four notes he was enough to form a G fourth seventh. First class”. He added he.

In this way, the days went by, while he was included in Charly García’s band and “I fell in love with Fabi”.

“In ten trials that turned into volcanic lava.” He recognized. “And cocaine, in small doses, allowed me to transform those sessions into peaks that were not at all stormy.”

Fito Páez, Charly García and Fabiana Cantilo: “We were three at a time”

The debut of Modern Clicks was in La Plata. “Fabi and I did not stop looking at each other,” said the musician. “Charly had decided that I was going to play the entire tour with my back turned. That facilitated my gaze axis with Fabi. Because she was barely a meter behind him, to his right. And I, on the other side of the stage in a line”.

“It seemed planned. We dressed similar, she a black and white tutu with a black top, and I, a gypsy shirt with polka dots, same tones”.

But at a show in Córdoba, the tour began to leave some revelations that made Fito Páez uncomfortable.

fito paez charly garcia

“Fabi and Charly hung out in those months.” Said the musician in his memories. “Not just as friends. I think he began to feel a certain distance that she was imposing on him.”

Upon returning to Buenos Aires, Charly García invited Fabiana Cantilo and Fito Páez to his house. “Are you dating this one and the other one?” Garcia asked Cantilo, as revealed by Rosario in his book, “completely ignoring me.”

“Yes,” he replied, “I think a Fabi was somewhat relieved.” According to Fito Páez.

Then he finished with the following. “The other was the official boyfriend. We were three at a time. Four, counting Charly”.

fito paez charly garcia
Charly García, Fabiana Cantilo, Fito Páez and Gustavo Cerati

“It was the kid’s dream”: The controversial love triangle that united Fito Páez, Charly García and Fabiana Cantilo