Ivrea Launches November 24, 2022

Launches Ivrea 24 November 2022

Editorial Ivrea releases a new weekly listing of releases for the next one thursday 17 of November 2022. The publisher will release two new titles in its catalog that week. The first of these is the first volume of Ranking of Kings. The highly anticipated work, written and illustrated by sousuke tooka, comes in an edition identical to the Japanese original in B6 format and a price of €9.00 each volume. The series will be published bimonthly. The second novelty is the return of hirohiko araki with the manga Cool Shock BTa single volume full of magic and mystery that will be published this fall in a paperback edition with dust jacket in B6 format and a price of €9.00.

Title: Ranking of Kings
Original title: Ousama Ranking (王様ランキング)
Author/s: sousuke tooka
Genders: action, adventure, drama, fantasy
Format: Rustic soft cover and dust jacket format B6
Condition: In publication (14 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Ivrea
Japanese Publisher: Enterbrain
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Bojji is a deaf-mute prince who lives in a fantastic world full of magical creatures. Despite not standing out at anything, and being unable to even wield a small sword as a child, he dreams of one day becoming the greatest king in the world. People consider him completely useless and without any talent to be king. Although the situation changes when he meets Kage, a shadow (literally) who is one of the few survivors of a clan of assassins and who tries to steal the few belongings that Bojji was carrying. Somehow, Kage manages to understand the prince and becomes his first true friend, thus beginning the adventure that Bojji so longs for. Meanwhile, in the darkness, a power threatens to devastate the kingdom.

Title: Cool Shock BT
Original title: Mashounen BT (魔少年ビーティー)
Author/s: hirohiko araki
Genders: comedy, mystery, psychological, school life
Format: Rustic soft cover and dust jacket format B6
Condition: Finished (1 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Ivrea
Japanese Publisher: Shueisha
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Another Hirohiko Araki classic arrives with Cool Shock BT! This unique volume contains 6 short stories starring BT, an enigmatic 12-year-old boy who loves magic tricks. BT meets Koichi, a boy who tries to help him against some bullies and ends up becoming his friend. The stories tell us about incidents that the two boys experience, narrated by Koichi. In them they will have to deal with evil people: mischievous children, strangers with bad intentions and other mysterious characters. To get out of situations they will have to rely on BT’s cunning and magic tricks, in situations that will remind us of classic stories of children facing each other. to mysteries. For Jojo fans, Koichi’s appearance will remind you of a certain character.

Apart from the titles mentioned above, the third volume of the supernatural romantic comedy will also hit bookstores call of the night of kotoyama and the sixth volume of the action manga Kengan Ashura of Yabako Sandrovich Y daromeon. Close this weekly list reprint from the first volume of Aoha Ridealso the first volume of Love and be loved, leave and be leftvolume 2, 6 and 13 of Dr Stone and the first volume of vagabond.

Below is the complete list with the releases for the November 24, 2022 by the Editorial Ivrea:

  • Call of the Night #3 (kotoyama) – €8.00
  • Cool Shock BT (hirohiko araki) – €9.00
  • Kengan Ashura #6 (Yabako Sandrovich, daromeon) – €8.50
  • Ranking of Kings #1 (sousuke tooka) – €9.00
  • Font: Editorial Ivrea

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