Javier Henaine combines a red note and witchcraft in a thriller

After a successful stint in comedy with the movies Happy times (2014) and single (2019), the Mexican director Luis Javier Henaine embarks on the path of genre cinema with his most recent production, completely disappeara thriller supernatural that combines the world of the red note and witchcraft, elements so characteristic of the Mexican imaginary.

These first steps seem to be followed by a good omen, since the film will be released within the official competition of the Fantastic Fest, one of the most important among those specialized in horror, fantasy and science fiction films in the world, which will be held in Austin, Texas, from September 22 to 29.

“I am very excited. It’s my first film that isn’t a comedy, and going to a festival focused on genre films seems very exciting to me. In truth, I am excited to be able to take this film and see how the public reacts to it, but also go as a spectator, ”he commented in an interview with The Sun of MexicoJavier Henaine.

With the performance of Harold Torres as the protagonist, the film tells the story of a red note photographer, known for being the best at what he does, but who has become insensitive to his wife. One night he intercepts a call and, despite warnings from the Police, manages to enter a disturbing crime scene. Before long, he begins to suffer from a mysterious illness that makes her question his sanity. Could these be the consequences of carrying out that funereal profession? Without knowing what he has or why, the photographer must find a cure, before the world he knows disappears completely.

“This film is quite dark and touches on certain aspects of our everyday life and Mexican idiosyncrasy. Besides the red note itself and witchcraft and superstitions, I think the fact that this photographer is immune to all the violence he is photographing also reflects our current life: we see ourselves more and more insensitive to what surrounds us ” he explained.

The director says that the decision to venture into this new type of cinema had already been made for a long time and that even he would have wanted his debut film to be a horror film, since it is one of the genres that he likes the most as a spectator. finds, although he admits that comedy is also one of his greatest passions.

“Not because I like comedy, I always want to do only comedy movies, I like the idea of ​​exploring different genres. I believe that a director is not only talented to do one thing and he can try everything that the seventh art offers ”

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being completely disappear Her first such feature film, Henaine admits there were some challenges in directing the performance of the characters, as well as some tricky issues related to scene lighting, make-up and visual effects. However, she acknowledged that she did not find obstacles difficult to overcome.

“As such, the tone of the film was not challenging. It’s very similar to what I’ve done before, only the approach was different. When you make a comedy, what you want is that what happens on the screen makes you laugh and connects you with the performances and that the jokes fall where they have to fall. It is a very rhythmic and precise matter. In this genre of thriller you have to focus on what you find disturbing and, on the contrary, make it intense to maintain the tension”, concludes the director.

Javier Henaine combines a red note and witchcraft in a thriller