Kader Bueno: “A saucepan fell on my head, I became a magician”

VideoKader Bueno, a Franco-Tunisian magician and comedian, whose father lives in Morocco and is married to a Moroccan woman, met a group of children in Marrakech. Magic tricks that will remain engraved in his memory and those of these young people. Interview.

The magician and humorist Kader Bueno, a great lover of Morocco, took a liking to magic tricks in the mountains, in the region of Marrakech. After a first successful experience last year, logically, he came back.

The Les Etoiles cultural center in Jemaâ El Fna opened its doors to him. He went to meet the children and made them happy by filling an empty box full of sweets and toys. The artist tells, in this interview for Le360, how an accident, which occurred when he was two years old, transformed his life.

Your nickname Kader Bueno alludes to a surprise egg. How did you choose it?

The truth, this name, I didn’t choose it, it was imposed on me. I was always fat, I ate a lot of chocolate and a friend of mine called me Kader Bueno one day and everyone started laughing. I said to myself: hey, that’s a good nickname, I’m going to keep it and I’m going to take it as far as possible.

You discovered and learned magic in a hospital bed. To what extent has your personal story been decisive in your career?

I thought a lot before telling this story, because it’s very personal and it’s hard for me. But in the end, I tell it to show people that there is always good behind evil. There is a good that hides behind the bad.

I was two years old, I had a serious accident. A saucepan fell on me, I burned my head. I had big burns, arm, back, leg and I ended up in the hospital. At the age of 8-9, I had several complications. I started going back and forth to the hospital. For me, as a child, it felt like the Earth fell on me. I didn’t understand why I had a complicated childhood, why it created problems in the family, why it disfigured me, why I’m not here, why I’m not that…

But finally, over time, I understood that I became a magician thanks to this accident… When I was in the hospital, I discovered a box of magic in the playroom and I played with these accessories. I then noticed that all the children who were with me in the hospital started talking to me, while I was rejected… And so I wanted to do magic to have friends.

I did this for months and months. And when my family had financial difficulties in France, I started doing street magic in Paris. Tourists started giving me money, I was helping my family and as the days went by, casting directors, restaurant owners offered me work… Little by little, I made myself known…

Magic is often seen as being mystical… How can a magician transmit his role plays without revealing his secrets?

For the ancients, magic, in their head, always remains something mystical, supernatural. These are powers. Whereas in reality, magic is manipulation, technique, movements that we learn, that we repeat. It’s fluidity, dexterity, and it can be learned. It’s like playing the piano. You learn a note, then you start playing lots of notes. A magic trick is one out of 20. You don’t directly learn how to fly, how to make things disappear. There is a difference between transmitting and revealing.

All the magic tricks of the world conjurers look alike. What room is left for creativity?

Magic is always appearance, disappearance, transformation, levitation and mentalism. We cannot develop other senses. Except that creativity appears when you create a magic trick related to your personality, your story, your originality.

Me, when I’m on stage, my goal is not to perform a magic trick to tell everyone: look how strong I am.

When I tell the story of the hospital, for example, I would like to convey the feeling I had at the time. It was too much pain and all I wanted was to disappear. So, I’m going to disappear on a hospital bed and reappear at the back of the stage. What matters is who you visit, when, and why. And we add the disappearance.

Kader Bueno: “A saucepan fell on my head, I became a magician”