Lara Project are the duo of Venezuelan brothers of urban music

Lara Project is the duo of Venezuelan brothers Manuel Lara and Félix Lara. They are both producers and songwriters. They have been working together for years, side by side. Now they present their song Altas Horas.

Brothers and work together since 2009? If possible. Manuel Lara is 32 years old and is the older brother of Félix Lara. Both form the duo of artists, producers and composers Lara Project. Born in Venezuela, they seek to bring their eclectic sound of the now mixed and matched with their 80’s synth-inspired references, new wave, funk and neo-psychedelic. Manuel Lara has produced Bad Bunny, Rauw Alejandro, Alvaro Díaz or created songs like Telepathy, by Kali Uchis.

Lara Project (@laraproject)

The Venezuelan brothers Lara talk to us about their music and present us their new song, Altas Horas.

Lara Project is a duo of brothers, how did it come about?

At home there was always music and although Manuel was first inclined towards music, it feels as if it was something thought of since we were born. We have always been very close and we are very similar in many things. The same tastes in music, sports, fashion… And when we created Lara Project in 2008, I think artistically, we found a way to express ourselves that we both understood in the same way. (laughs) In the beginning there were a lot of sibling fights, but as we’ve matured we’ve found our dynamic and today it’s easy to work together.

Apart from Lara Projecto, do you also make music separately?

Solo racing? No. We produce thanks to Lara Project. We had a process of approximately 8 years finding ourselves as artists. When people see a work by Felix, or by Manuel, they are actually appreciating a sound created by both of them. That’s why it’s just Lara Project Sound Design, not Manuel or Félix Lara separately. We are both producers and songwriters. We understand that it is a bit confusing, but as Manuel Lara and Félix Lara we are still Lara Project, although we do not comment on it. Simply, the people who follow us and know us know how and what sound we make.

Lara Project is the Venezuelan urban duo that loves itCover of Altas Horas, the new song by Lara Project (@laraproject)

Altas Horas is the new single from Altas Horas, what can you tell us about this song?

Well Altas Horas is a song that talks about a reciprocated love but that, in the end, could not be.

How did this single come about?

Altas Horas has a long history. It was a theme created in 2020 during quarantine. Felix came up with the idea and it’s one of those songs that was made in twenty minutes.

You come from urban music, reggaeton and trap. How would you define Lara Project today?

Lara Project is a project that seeks to inspire people through artistic emotions. Although we are from the Caribbean, we do not feel identified with any of those labels. We would say that we have created and have a genre of our own and we classify it as Super Hero Music.

Lara Project is the Venezuelan urban duo that loves itImage of the video clip of Altas Horas de Lara Project (@laraproject)

What would you highlight about your training?

We both share the skill of representation, we know how to represent anything in music. For example, our latest Mercury Retrograde project, The Moon and Me, was inspired by architecture. We literally translated the cement, the cracks, into music.

How is the music scene in Venezuela?

Venezuela has always had quite interesting and high level bands and live shows, in all genres. The only thing that has prevented growth, in our opinion, is how difficult it is to internationalize.

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Who would you like to collaborate with?

More than with artists we have always been more fans of collaborating with producers, on the list we have Mike Dean Max Martin, Rick Rubin, Kanye West.

Plans for the future of Lara Project?

We want to release our next album called Supernatural, at the end of the year and a tour around the world in 2023.

Lara Project are the duo of Venezuelan brothers of urban music