Le Figaro: here are the best series coming to the small screen

The ten series that will upset the small screen

Le Figaro, by Francois Aubel and Constance Jamet, p. 36

“Marie-Antoinette”, Canal +

Diane de Poitiers with Isabelle Adjani will not be the only real figure to be resurrected. Encouraged by the success of the disastrous Versatiles, which chronicled the construction of the castle by Louis XIV, the encrypted channel and the BBC now focus on the fate of Marie Antoinette (Emilia Schule) through her painful arrival at the French court. The portrait of an uprooted teenager struggling with language, the ubiquitous protocol and the out-of-control enmities between Louis XV (James Purefoy), his descendants and his favorite M. du Barry. With an impressive budget of over 23 million euros, these eight episodes, shot between Versailles, Vaux-le-Vicomte and the Bry-sur-Marne studios, aim to do justice to a misunderstood ruler. She was considered frivolous despite her being one of the best ambassadors of French luxury and the art of living. For this rehabilitation, the agency turned to formidable screenwriter Deborah Davis, nominated for an Oscar for her absurd and tragic portrayal of Anne of England.

Misldna, the poor, ”Amazon Prime Video, September 30th

Cinderella traded the air slipper for the Air Jordans and the ball gown for a djellaba. In Miskina, la pauvre, who is directing for Amazon Prime Video with Anthony Marciano, comedian Melba Bedla plays Fara. At 30, she still lives in the family home with her mother and stubborn grandmother. On the work front, her pickup truck project has stalled. As for her love life, she doesn’t fare much better: the prince charming of this modern story is none other than her best friend! In short, she fails in almost everything her younger sister (married to the pious Victor Belmondo) does. Through the romantic comedy, the platform broadens the representations of the French population and shows, with a sometimes irritating humor, the tug-of-war of the Franco-Algerian community. After a disastrous start of the French production and the failure of Mixte, a series not renewed despite the good reception of the critics, Prime Video focuses on Mixkina. For the writing of the series, the likes of Xavier Lacaille (writer of Valide) and Yoann Gromb (co-writer of Arnacceur) surround Melha Bexiia, a bluffing suburban Bridget Jones.

Les Combattantes, TF1, from 19 September.

Encouraged by the success of Bazar de la Charité, producer Iris Rucher fuels her taste for feminist costumed frescoes and this time she sets her sights on the Great War. She reunites her three stars Audrey Fleurot, Julie de Bona and Camille Lou in the roles of a prostitute, a nun who runs a makeshift hospital and a nurse chased by the police. A newcomer, Sofia Essaldi, plays the wife of an industrialist forced to take over the family business. Epic and romantic melodrama in the style of Danielle Steel, Les Combattantes seeks verisimilitude without reaching truthfulness. This saga takes place over a few days at the beginning of the conflict and tells the lesser known “war of movement”. The trenches do not yet exist, but the slaughter is intense. By correcting some of Bazar de la Charité’s weaknesses, the miniseries takes care of its supporting male cast. Special mention to Tom Leeb as a military doctor.

Vortex, France 2

Between romance, science fiction and crime, Vortex, based on an idea by novelist Franck Thillier, tells the love story between police captain Ludovic (Tomer Sisley) and his first wife Mélanie. This judge (Camille Claris) lost her life in what appeared to be an accident in July 1998 but, twenty-seven years later, a body found on a beach leads to a different conclusion. As the crime scene is reconstructed in virtual reality, a temporal rift opens. Wearing his helmet, Ludovic finds Melanie on the same shore, a few days before her death. He is left with a projection. She is made of flesh and blood. Will they be able to change the course of events this summer to try to save Melanie without destroying the house Ludovic has rebuilt? In addition to the surprising mix of genres, this series, also produced by Iris Bucher, will be a milestone with the use of the same virtual reality technology used by Disney for The Mandalorian.

Toulouse-Lautrec, TF1

For too long, disability has remained the blind spot of diversity. This series follows the daily life of the students of the Toulouse-Lautrec high school in Vaucresson (Hauts-de-Seine). This fully accessible specialized school welcomes able-bodied and disabled students. Creator Fanny Riedberger (En famille), inspired by her education at this school, recruited disabled actors. Stéphane de Groodt and Valérie Karsenti will join the revelation Ness Merad, irresistibly funny and outspoken. How to get a first date when in a wheelchair? How does one emancipate oneself from one’s parents and overcome the existential anguish of adolescence? These are some of the themes addressed by this series on the transition to adulthood, which does not focus on the “limitations of the protagonists”.

Cuisine Interne, 13 Rue

After staging the Gare du Nord and its railway brigade with Marion, the small canal continues to offer original creations, here the frenzy and tension of another brigade, that of the kitchen. Adriana is a young Franco-Senegalese chef who dreams of a Michelin star. But because she picked the wrong man – an ex-convict – she finds herself under the control of a brother and sister running a clandestine betting business. Her restaurant becomes the epicenter of their burgeoning empire and the envy of their rivals. Witness and then unwitting accomplice of criminal activities, Adriana struggles to regain control of her life and her restaurant. Actress Annabelle Lengronne, who made her mark in Cannes with Novembre and Un petit frère, is extraordinary in the role of a determined heroine with imaginative recipes.

Esprit d’hivre, Art

Blonde as wheat, Audrey Fleurot is unrecognizable in this snowy and mountain show behind closed doors in three episodes, based on the novel by Laura Kasischke. The HPI star plays Nathalie. This writer wakes up on Christmas morning, haunted by her heroine, with a bad feeling in her head and the impression of being watched. As she argues with Alice, her adopted daughter, paranoia builds. A cruel fable between nightmare and almost gothic reality.

Seventh Heaven, OPS

Love and sexuality are ageless in this delicate, no-holds-barred series on aging and the loss of autonomy. When Jacques is entrusted by his daughter to a retirement home, he thinks he is being sent to the slaughterhouse. But when he meets Rose, love at first sight and desire hit the ex-soldier who had never known Cupid’s bite. Their passion upsets the people around them and wreaks havoc in the environment. With Feodor Atkine, Sylvie Granotier and Irène Jacob.

Promethée, TF1

The detective story is more than ever combined with fantasy. A 17-year-old girl is hit by a car, yet she gets up without being injured. She has a hard time explaining where she is from and who she is. All she has is a strange name, Prometheus, and extraordinary physical abilities worthy of her mythological alter ego. Added to this are the visions of a crime scene in which Lea, another young girl, lost her life. Police and family ask: Was the unknown woman a witness? Was she an accomplice to the killer who is still at large? Or is there a supernatural bond between the two girls that defies the forces of the mind? The protagonists of the La Une fictions (Camille Lou, Odile Vuillemin, Thomas Jouannet) have joined forces in this project, piloted by the studio that imagined the success of HPI. This time around it could be the enigmatic Fantine Harduin, excellent in the role of this forgetful character who brings a small town in mourning out of torpor.

Notre-Dame, the part du feu, Netflix

After Jean-Jacques Arnaud, it is up to Hervé Hadmar, the esteemed creator of Witnesses and Beyond the Walls, to face the worldwide trauma of the fire of the Paris cathedral. His story focuses on the firefighters’ struggle to save the monument, but it is much broader and more unanimous. The miniseries explores the impact of the disaster on a handful of men and women affected by the catastrophe. The protagonists, we read in the synopsis, “have their own fire to put out”. They will fight, they will love each other, they will cross each other, they will hate each other, they will support each other… to finally have a chance to rebuild their lives. A brilliant program with Roschdy Zem, Caroline Proust, Alice Jsaas, Frédéric Chau and Victor Belmondo.
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