League 1 | The FFL ranking after the 16th day

seven weeks later the last day of Ligue 1, because of the World Cup, the artists of France and Navarre have all made an appointment for the recovery. And the good old habits don’t change: Angers lose, Strasbourg don’t win, OL take us on the wrong foot, Monaco are saved by their youngsters and PSG relies on Kyk’s national.

As a reminder, for this season, we have decided to establish a semi-objective scale so that each club is housed in the same boat. Of course, all this can also be seasoned with arbitrary notes to the client’s head. And no VAR here.


. Defeat: +1pt
. Own goal: +1 pt
. Goal conceded in added time: +1 pt
. Missed Penalty: +1 pt
. Defeat by 3 goals difference or more: +1 pt
. 5 or more goals conceded: +1 pt from the 5th goal
. Streak of 5 losses: +2 pts
. Unexpected defeat: +2 pts


. Victory: -1pt
. Goal scored in added time: -1 pt
. Victory by 3 or more goals: -1 pt
. 5 or more goals scored: -1 pt from the 5th goal
. 5 win streak: -2 pts
. Unexpected victory: -2 pts

Ajaccio – Angers: 1 – 0

Ajaccio: -1

The Corsicans have just broken their record this season. It has now been 3 consecutive matches that they have not lost. A first in Ligue 1 this year, which inevitably results in a setback in the FFL ranking.

Angers: +3

The year is not over yet, the Angers SCO is already preparing the next season to perfection. Enough to allow Gérald Baticle to have a good holiday. Especially by reminding him on December 22 of his dismissal known to all for a month.

On the field side, the Angevins have lost none of their splendour. A twelfth setback in sixteen days, and above all a series of 8 defeats in the league. Last and proud of it.

Troyes – Nantes: 0 – 0

Troyes-Nantes: 0

In Ligue 1, when the 13th receives the 16th, we cannot expect tiki-taka. And that’s exactly what we didn’t have at the Stade de l’Aube. Despite the two posts of the Trojans, it was a draw (and goalless) that awaited the two teams.

Auxerre – Monaco: 2 – 3

Auxerre: +1

AJA fans were all smiles as Ben Yedder walked off at half-time. One can imagine their pout when they discovered that a 17-year-old kid had screwed up a monster air conditioning throughout Burgundy.

Monaco: -1

ASM had however managed the feat of conceding the opener against Auxerre, which is no small feat. But little Ben Seghir had to come and slam a double for his first match in Ligue 1. Monaco did not have the defense of Atlético at Abbé-Deschamps, but his realism: 3 shots on target, 3 goals. This is well worth 1 extra penalty point.

Clermont – Lille: 0 – 2

Clermont: +2

Facing LOSC, the Auvergnats chained a 6th consecutive match without a win and pocketed 1 FFL bonus point. The last success dates back to October. The plan goes off without a hitch before having to defend his 16th place on the 38th day.

Lille: -1

Mohamed Bayo waited until the 16th day to plant his first goal in Ligue 1 with Lille. And guess who? Her ex. The promises coincidences engage only those who believe in them.

Brest – Lyon: 2 – 4

Brest: +2

Going to Stade Francis-Le Blé on December 28 in the freezing cold of Brittany is not a gift for Brest supporters. Fortunately, they were able to warm up with the spanking suffered. 1 bonus point in favor of Brest for having eaten 4 pawns at home.

Lyons: -2

During the truce because of the World Cup, the Lyonnais did not fail to reassure us by managing to wallow against Monza. But in Brest, the Gones came back to life: 3 goals slammed after half an hour. GIVE US OUR REAL LYONNAIS.

1 penalty point for having made us believe that OL would suffer the lightning and thunder from Brest.

Paris – Strasbourg: 2 – 1

Bets: -3

We thought Neymar and Marquinhos affected by their elimination at the World Cup, but we were wrong all along the line. The first received 2 yellow cards in the space of 1 minute, the last of which for simulation.

When the second canceled his opening of the score by a csc in the second period. Joga bonito.

Strasbourg: +2

Julien Stéphan thought he would quietly get his ninth draw of the season, and thus take the lead in this ranking. But even this piece of dream is inaccessible for the Alsatians this season. At the same time, taking a penalty from Mbappé has become commonplace in football.

Lorient – ​​Montpellier: 0 – 2

Lorient: +4

Sixth consecutive game without a win for the Hakes. The free fall continues, Strasbourgeois and Angevins just have to behave themselves. +1 for this magnificent ridiculous 2nd goal.

Montpelier: -3

Treason. After more than 3 months of drought in the league, Montpellier won its first match since last September. 103 days of happiness that end today.

Reims – Rennes: 3 – 1

Reims: -2

After Greta Thunberg who stops “careers” in 1 tweet, here is Will Still who, at 30, stops series in 1 game. Youth is definitely in power.

Reindeer: +4

Some will say that the truce cut off Rennes’ legs. Others, like us, will say that it is a useful break to return to the sources of Stade Rennais. 2 goals conceded in the first half hour, and an absolutely sublime final one to wrap it all up. Bim Bam Boom, farewell to the series of 17 games without defeat.

OM – Toulouse: 6 – 1

MO: -5

There are matches like this that science can’t explain. Kolasinac who thinks he is Lionel Messi, Nuno Tavares who manages technical gestures and shots on target, Rongier who scores a goal. Really inexplicable.

Toulouse: +5

In the midst of all the incredible Marseille goals, we should not forget this against his exceptional camp of Téfécé. Double head control and millimeter lob. The FFL puskas most likely.

Nice – Lens: 0 – 0

Faced with the supernatural Marseille Toulouse, we are not going to lie to you, we only offered this good 0-0 to our pupils. So, same score here.

The FFL classification of Ligue 1

1 Angers 26
2 Brest 18
3 Auxerre 13
4 Strasbourg 11
5 Toulouse 10
6 Nantes 8
7 Reims 6
8 Troyes 5
8 Nice 5
8 Clermont 5
11 Ajaccio 3
12 Montpellier 1
12 Lille 1
12 monaco 1
15 Lyons -1
16 Lorient -4
17 reindeer -8
18 Marseilles -13
18 lens -13
20 PSG -32

League 1 | The FFL ranking after the 16th day – FFL