Manga: Discover Five Titles Among The Most Anticipated!

The month of September always rhymes with back to school: back to school, back to the office… but also literary back to school! Manga publishers are obviously no exception to the rule and flood us with novelties and sequels, sometimes highly anticipated! Today we offer you a small overview of the new titles whose release is looming in the more or less long term.

Dandadanby Yukinobu Tatsu

DANDADAN © 2021 by Yukinobu Tatsu/SHUEISHA Inc.

For their debut under a new banner, Kazé editions, now Crunchyroll, are hitting hard! They will indeed offer us, from October 5, the first two volumes of the occult series Dandadan. ATOM magazine was not mistaken either, since it will devote its cover to it!

Dandadan recounts the improbable meeting between Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura: these two teenagers who seem to be opposed by everything are real paranormal fanatics. One believes in ghosts and other spirits, while the other bets everything on the existence of extraterrestrials. Unable to convince themselves, they set themselves a challenge: Momo will go to a place listed for his “third type” manifestations and Ken will explore a haunted tunnel… The events that follow will change their lives forever!

Yukinobu Tatsu’s manga has been talked about a lot since its debut. The excitement has therefore been at its height since the announcement of the acquisition of the rights by Crunchyroll! The mangaka, former assistant to Tatsuki Fujimoto (the now legendary chain saw man) and Yuji Kaku (Hell’s Paradise), reveals all his talent and his graphic strike force in this iconoclastic and supernatural romance.

call of the nightby Kotoyama

Call of the night manga banner

In October there too, the shelves of bookstores will be filled with another eagerly awaited novelty. Recently adapted into an anime (available from ADN), the saga call of the night will give your nights a new flavor!

Kô Yamori is 14 years old and has dropped out of school. Victim of insomnia, he wanders at night in his neighborhood, in the hope of finally falling asleep. During one of his raids, he meets Nazuna Nanakusa, a strange young girl… who turns out to be a vampire! Thinking that this supernatural state could fix his problems, Kô asks Nazuna to transform him. Alas! The condition sine qua non is that the applicant is in love with the vampire to whom he is making his request… An unexpected and potentially insurmountable challenge for Kô, who finds himself helpless in the face of all human feelings!

With its polished and incisive graphics, its jazzy soundtrack and its deep and colorful characters, call of the night is a real gem. beyond its appearance funky, Kotoyama’s work explores many facets of human nature, not hesitating to show off the worst as well as the best aspects. Not to be missed under any circumstances, at Kurokawa editions!

Hikaru ga shinda natsu/The summer Hikaru diedby Mokumoku Ren

Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu Pmanga banner

A real phenomenon in the Land of the Rising Sun, with more than 200,000 copies sold in less than three months, Hikaru ga shinda natsu soon caught the eye of many publishers. In France, it is the Pika editions, already strong in many new features, which have won the jackpot and announce the arrival of this title at the end of 2023.

Yoshiki and Hikaru are two childhood friends, bonded by deep and powerful feelings. But one day, Hikaru disappears. When he resurfaces a week later, “something” has changed in him. “Something” that would have taken its place, Yoshiki is convinced. The teenager decides to find out what’s going on behind his friend’s return, even though their village is the prey of strange phenomena…

Don’t be fooled by the limpid blue of the cover or Hikaru’s smile! Because this manga promises us a drama, a real one, a hard one, just as much as a story of friendship. Simultaneously recalling the mythical Parasite (Hitoshi Iwaaki) and the melancholy The price of the rest of my life (Sugaru Miaki, Shöichi Taguchi), this story will certainly mark the hearts of readers.

Farewell Eriby Tatsuki Fujimoto

goodbye Eri manga banner
SAYONARA ERI© by FUJIMOTO Tatsuki / Shueisha

The furious pen of the author of Fire Punch missing ? The second part of chain saw manpublished on Manga More, not enough for you? Dear readers, know that your cry has been heard! Because Tatsuki Fujimoto, enfant terrible of the manga, returns with a new work: Farewell Eri (Sayonara Eri in OV).

Yuta receives a smartphone for his birthday. Thanks to this device, he will be able to film the last moments of his mother’s life, struggling with an incurable disease. When she died, the young boy found some comfort in the editing of these videos. But the difficulties of daily life becoming too difficult to overcome, Yuta decides to end it… It is at this moment that his life will take a decisive turn, thanks to an unexpected encounter.

After Dandadan, which we told you about above, Crunchyroll editions continue to expand their catalog with works with tremendous potential. This is the case with Fujimoto’s new manga, on which all eyes will be on when it is released in early 2023. There is no doubt that the author will live up to expectations… but surely not where we expect him!

Choujin Xby Sui Ishida


After the success of Tokyo Ghoul and its “sequel” Tokyo Ghoul: ReSui Ishida returns to Glénat with Choujin X. Presented by the publisher as a “2.0 superhero manga”, pre-published on the platform Manga Morethe series promises to take the reflections brought about by his two previous works even further.

At the end of the 20th century, the multiplication of superhumans called ” choujin led to the division of the world into an autonomous province. But this well-established order falters fifty years later, following an air crash. Ely, a farmer, as well as Tokio and Azuma, young high school students, will see their daily lives turned upside down by this disaster.

Good, evil, justice, power… The characters of Choujin X will be confronted in spite of themselves with these age-old questions. Through an unprecedented graphic staging, Sui Ishida reinforces his narrative style to deliver a work with multiple challenges. See you on October 26 to discover the first volume! And until then, feel free to read an excerpt this way !

So much for a little overview of the next manga that we are impatiently waiting for! Of course, the list is not exhaustive: we could have cited Boy’s Abyss (Ryo Minenami, at Kana, scheduled for November 18), NewNormal (Akito Aihara, at Kana, scheduled for February 2023) or even the very poetic The water always returns to the sea, by Retto Tajima (expected at Noeve on October 21). The coming months will certainly be rich in discoveries, so don’t hesitate to let us know your desires in the comments!

Manga: Discover Five Titles Among The Most Anticipated!