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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced us to a large number of heroes of all types, sizes and styles, but among them the Captain Americahas always been one of the most respected, something that might not be enough to prevent him from star-lord put aside your differences and don’t bully the beloved leader of the Avengers.

On more than one occasion, we have seen in the comics a Peter Quill as a cosmic scoundrel with his colleagues on Earth, and it is that there is a situation in which he is prepared to enforce the law against Steve Rogers like never before, so an event from the Infinity comics, where Thanos seizes the opportunity to that the Avengers are off-world to attack Earth, and he is ultimately defeated by his son Thane, who seals him in supernatural amber, frozen in living death.

It’s right there, where Marvel’s Illuminati then take Thanos’s body and hide it from the world at large, leading to the subsequent release of Thanos. Thanos and his devastation of the multiverse, however, in one of the comics What if?… style shows us what would have happened if the Guardians of the Galaxy had found out that the Illuminati had Thanos, and this would open up a conflict between the two teams.

Is about What if? Infinity: Guardians of the Galaxy #1 of Joshua Williamson and Jason Copland, which ends with a coalition of cosmic heroes and villains coming together to finally truly kill Thanos, then, Star-Lord as the leader of the group, calls out the Illuminati for lying to the wider galaxy and officially declares the entire planet earth a planet full of humans who cannot be trusted.

So, this forces Captain America to try to assert his usual authority, which Peter Quill rejects, saying, “Listen, you’re Captain America and you protect… how many million square miles? I protect all of space.” That makes me, like… Captain Space. So I’m pretty sure I outrank you.”

So, the Star-Lord insult is not an uncommon sentiment among Marvel’s cosmic characters, with heroes like Nova criticizing Tony Stark and the Earth heroes for focusing on their relatively shortsighted Earth feuds, while the cosmic heroes Marvel’s fought to literally save the entire universe during the Wipeout.

Now, it’s rare that Marvel chooses to portray Captain America in a negative light, but the issue treats Star-Lord’s decision, at least in the short term, as a sensible decision that the rest of the galaxy celebrates, so in the current Marvel’s mainstay, Peter’s evil father also attempted to ‘Earth-Earth’ the planet, casting Star-Lord’s decree in a more negative light, especially given the number of times the Avengers have saved all of reality, something they also accomplished in infinity.

On the issue itself, though, it’s more that Star-Lord is right to point out the Illuminati’s secrecy, as he had put everyone else at risk, even if ‘Captain Space’ has to yell and put online. to Captain America.

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