“Nessun dorma” by Eliana Camaioni

The road to Truth challenges blind alleys, overlooking doors behind which there is a maze of mystery. We are about to discuss a what a mystery novel is notbut yet an abnormal fibrillation born from a normal heartbeat it already appears from the disturbing creaking of the first pages.

It will certainly not be a spoiler to anticipate that the convulsions of the heartbeat will heal not before the red light on the word end. The reader will have to learn to live with a self altered by the prodigal lines of breath held in suspense.

The opening of a will is in itself a solemn moment which involves the emotions of those present, removes them from the banquet of doubts and uncertainties about the last wishes of the de cuius.

Venice. In the notary office unknown to Alianna Braschi, archaeologist and director of the Messina Museum, the young researcher discovers that she has been appointed heir of Cavalier Alfonso Ricciardi. However, it is not the only one to benefit from the inheritance consisting of a movable and real estate assets of immense value.

The Dr. Marco Stagnolia professor of physics with a degree at Harvard University, shares with her, his ex from the poor days of years, the title of heir to Cavalier Alfonso Ricciardi.

Who was Alfonso Ricciardi? Why did he donate all of his belongings to the two young scholars?

It will be up to a rather unlikely combination to give the key to the rebus, whose solution is to be found in the Cavaliere’s studies. From Venice to Messina the mystery runs. Reading alleys, canals, bridges under which to seal promises, remote corners of the two cities on the sea, one finds in one’s hands the map of a planned journey from exclusive places to the sale of perfumes that only a blue panorama both horizontally and vertically can offer.

At the heart of the idyllic scenery, Elena Camaioniliterary critic and blogger, scholar of the mysteries of ancient civilizations, becomes the leading actress of this writing specialized in magical arts brilliantly combined with the supernatural.

With the same naivety of innocent prey, the misadventures in steep descent on the lives of Alianna and Marco follow one another, driven by the ferocious time that does not allow the delay. It is all a breathless race towards the goal barely visible due to scant clues, most of the time real magnets of deception.

Alianna and Marco are protagonists in the middle of the labyrinth greedy for many, too many equivocal figures. Will it be good to trust a stiletto heel associated with the blonde hair of a woman who is well aware of her indiscreet charm?

Her name is Cristina Ida, in his network of femme fatale many ties will fall around the neck of a never man. Strategies of ancient custom, practiced by a woman to deactivate the compass programmed for the Truth at any cost. There will be millennial codes to decrypt preparatory to occult rites consumed in the belly of the two cities. In the undergrounds that are forbidden to the imprudent eye of the public, the solution to the archaeological puzzle insists on not giving way to surrender. Stops are not allowed to rescue the troubles: the central node focuses on the deviation to the appointment with a hypothesized catastrophe.

Fantathriller. This is the authentic denomination of thea writing produced by a scholar of the esoteric disciplines, first of all shamanism. In an interview, Elena Camaioni stated this passion born from reading Dan Brown in relation to works of art encrypted by a symbolism unknown to most.

“The stems of the Regional Museum gave me the cue to start asking myself if and how many there were, in Messina, the mysterious places and monuments: and as I deepened my studies, I discovered that all of Montorsoli’s work has a silent code not accessible to most people, and that the history of the city has known esoterically oriented intellectuals, such as Maurolico whom I expressly quote in ‘Nessun Dorma’. A world has opened up before my eyesand my desire to discover has been gradually increasing, with surprises you can’t imagine “.

Having acquired the inspiration of the work after a visit to the Regional Museum of Messina, the writer projects herself into mare magnum of the impenetrable undergrowth of the city of the Strait, asking for hospitality from the underground womb of his city. A study focused on the discovery of two ancient Egyptian steles in the apse of the Cathedral of Messina, it ratifies a “beyond” uprooted by submerged civilizations.

“Do you remember the chemistry, the link between atoms? There are simple, double and triple bonds. There are strong or weak forces of attraction, we bind or reject ourselves according to obscure rules to most people. And the same happens between people. You know when you have instinctive sympathy or repulsion for someone? Psychology speaks of proxemics, of unconscious gestures that launch implicit signals picked up by the mind. In reality it is only an energetic question: it is the souls who recognize themselves, even before the bodies. There are alchemy between people that catalyze human potentials that reasoning cannot understand “.

It turned out to be a descriptive device the separation of the individualities of the two protagonistsplacing the exclusive emphasis on the alternate voice, the supreme execution of the map of life free from extraneous interference.

“No sleep” away from the realities attracted by magnetic fields, whose energy gives relief to the fallible human species only if he chooses to remain indifferent to the Truth. The soul presupposes a daily appointment behind closed doors kept in close contact with a self allergic to lies.

“Nessun dorma” by Eliana Camaioni