Netflix Italy the TV series in January 2023: The Lying Life of Adults, Vikings: Valhalla, Ginny & Georgia

The month of January 2023 on Netflix is (as always) full of new content. It is particularly awaited in Italy (and beyond). The Lying Life of Adults adaptation of the novel by Elena Ferrante with Valeria Golino and Alessandro Preziosi. Another awaited novelty is the series Lockwood & Co. which on paper seems to want to inherit the legacy of Locke & Key between teenagers and mysterious and supernatural elements. The project is interesting Copenhagen Cowboys by Nicolas Winding Refn made during the pandemic, when the director returned to his native Denmark to be close to his family by imagining a series set in his city.

Netflix January 2023 the upcoming TV series

1 Sunday

Kaleidoscope, anthological miniseries that develops over 25 years and follows a gang of thieves struggling with an apparently inviolable vault. The series has a non-linear approach and can also be seen by viewers by deciding the order of the episodes independently. The eight episodes span from 24 years before to 6 months after the heist.
The Good Doctor s.5
Indiscreet look s.1, Brazilian crime centered on the hacker Miranda, whose life changes when she meets the man of her dreams.

4 Wednesday

The lying life of adults, miniseries adaptation of the homonymous novel by Elena Ferrante, it tells a story of formation and growth in Naples in the 90s with the confrontation/clash between the bourgeois, intellectual soul and the proletarian soul.

5 Thursday

Copenhagen Cowboys s.1, noir series in six episodes by Niolas Winding Refn, in the center a young heroine who, after a life of servitude, crosses the criminal slums of Copenhagen seeking justice and revenge and meets her nemesis Rakel.
Totenfrau – The lady of the dead s.1 (Austria), the story of a woman ready to do anything to avenge her husband’s death.
Ginny & Georgia s.2, 10 new episodes with Ginny who has to face the fact that her mother is probably a murderer and that she killed her stepfather to protect her.


9 Monday

The Tracks of Destiny s.1 weekly episodes (South Korea), a sudden tragedy brings the wife of a member of parliament to confront family secrets.

11 Wednesday

Sexify s.2 (Poland) continues the story of a student and her friends grappling with an innovative app linked to the world of sex.

12 Thursday

Vikings: Valhalla s.2, the Vikings prequel series, tells the heroic adventures of some of the most famous Vikings in history.
Makani s.1, adaptation of a famous anime, tells the story of Kiyo a Makani (person who cooks) in the house of would-be geishas.

13 Friday

Sky Red s.3 (Spain), six months after the final battle Coral (Verónica Sánchez), Wendy (Lali Espósito) and Gina (Yany Prado) discover that peace is nothing more than an illusory feeling between periods of terror.
Love, Life s.2 (already distributed by TimVision in Italy)
Trial by Fire (India) miniseries, two parents and their battle for justice

19 Thursday

That ’90s Show s.1, sequel to That ’70s Show set in 1995. Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia spends the summer at her grandparents’ house where she befriends a whole new generation of Point Place kids.
The Fighters (France) miniseries, set in 1914 tells the story of four women whose lives are intertwined.

20 Friday/Saturday 21

Unique Candidate s.1 (France), a comedy about an idealistic teacher who finds herself, by chance, in the battle for the French presidential elections.
Sahmaran s.1 (Turkey), Sashu goes to Adana for a lesson and finds himself confronted with his grandfather whom he hasn’t seen for some time but ends up in the middle of an ancient legend.
Fauda s.4 (Israel)
Shantytown s.1 (Nigeria), thriller, a group of courtesans try to escape a notorious boss
Alchemy of Souls s.2 (Saturday 21st)

27 Friday

Lockwood & Co s.1, in a world haunted by ghosts where powerful companies employ adolescents with paranormal powers to fight against the supernatural, only one company operates without adult supervision: Lockwood & Co. Managed by Anthony Lockwood, a young rebellious entrepreneur tormented by From his mysterious past, his brilliant but eccentric sidekick George and a newcomer named Lucy with incredible powers, this maverick trio are about to unravel a chilling mystery that will change the course of history.
The Snow Maidenminiseries (Spain), Amaya the daughter of the Martin family disappears during the Magi festival, the journalist Miren decides to try to solve the case.
King of Jo’Burg s.2 (South Africa)

Netflix January 2023, anime and animation

A part of the catalog of Netflix is dedicated to both anime and animation products aimed at children, let’s see the titles arriving during the month of January:

  • 1 – Monster s.1; The way of the Apron – The Homemade Yakuza s.2; HaJime no Ippo: The Fighting!; Barbie In The World Of Videogames; Power Players s.3
  • 9 – Vinland Saga s.2 (weekly ep.)
  • 12 – Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight s.2
  • 19 – Junji Ito Maniac s.1
  • 26 – Record of Ragnarok s.1B

Netflix January 2023 titles beyond fiction

The January 13, 2023 debuts the first part of Breakpoints the docu-series on tennis created by the creators of Formula 1: Drive to Survive which tells the behind-the-scenes life of tennis players during the ATP and WTA tournaments, Matteo Berrettini will also be at the center of an episode. On January 4, the miniseries debuts instead Madoff The Monster of Wall Street which reveals the truth about the ponzi scheme designed by Berni Madoff with exclusive access to unpublished testimonies including one to Madoff himself.

The documentary arrives on January 10th Kai, the hitchhiker with the hatchet which tells the true story of Caleb “Kai” McGilivary, a homeless man who suddenly becomes known for saving a woman from a violent assault and who ends up being charged with murder. January 31 is the turn of the documentary Pamela, a love story an intimate and humanizing portrait of one of the most fascinating and famous women in the world and chronicles the life and career of Pamela Anderson from small-town girl to international sex symbol, actress, activist and loving mother.

On the reality front, it debuts on January 20th Bling Empire: New York about a group of wealthy Asian-Americans in New York. Bake Squad – Pastry team sees four chefs compete to make a dessert.

Netflix Italy the TV series in January 2023: The Lying Life of Adults, Vikings: Valhalla, Ginny & Georgia