Netflix: The best series and movies this weekend

Recently Netflix it has renewed its catalog of series and films; And taking into account that you like to be entertained by watching good fiction, drama, action and even Christmas-themed material, we have made a compilation of the best projects that the big red N is offering.

The portal Screen Rant, has compiled a list of the best series and movies available. So don’t miss this post. This weekend, Netflix adds a psychological period drama movie, a Christmas movie, a mystery horror TV series, a new season of an adult animated series, and a fantasy adventure movie. Last weekend, the streaming giant welcomed volume 2 of Minions & Moreto mystery thriller Angels & Demonsto the historical biopic The Railway Manto African romantic comedy Dinner At My Placeto the horror comedy goosebumps and the mystery drama Where the Crawdads Singalong with the fifth season of The Crownthe Christmas romantic comedy Falling for Christmasthe second season of Warrior Nun and the documentary Capturing the Killing Nurse.

As for licensed content, this weekend the supernatural action movie will arrive R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the DamnedAfrican dramas Nafsi Y The Griotand the second season of the Korean crime thriller series The Good Detective. As for the original content, Netflix subscribers will be able to enjoy a period psychological drama starring Florence Pugha new holiday movie, a horror-mystery television series from the creators of Dark, the second season of Inside Job and a fantastic adventure film starring Jason momoa. These are the best movies and TV series coming to Netflix this weekend – November 18.

The Wonder

The Wonder is a psychological period drama directed by Sebastian Lelio and based on the 2016 novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue. Set in 1862, 13 years after the Great Famine, an English Nightingale nurse, Lib Wright (Florence Pugh), is called to the Irish Midlands to conduct a 15-day test on Anna O’Donnell (Kíla Lord Cassidy), an 11-year-old girl who claims to have gone without food for four months, miraculously surviving on “manna from the darling”. When Anna’s health deteriorates rapidly, Lib is determined to uncover the truth, challenging the faith of a community she would rather continue to believe. Also participating are Tom Burke, Elaine Cassidy and Toby Jones.

Christmas With You

The holiday content continues on Netflix with Christmas With Youdirected by Gabriela Tagliavini and starring Aimee Garcia Y Freddie Prince Jr. the pop star Angelina (Garcia) runs away to grant a young fan’s wish in small-town New York, where she not only finds the inspiration to reinvigorate her career, but also a chance at true love with a music teacher (Prinze Jr).


1899 is a German period horror mystery television series created by Jantje Friese Y Baran bo Odar, creators of the hit Netflix series, Dark. In 1899, an emigrant steamship heads west to leave the old continent. The passengers are a mix of European origins, united by their hopes and dreams for the new century and their future abroad, but their journey takes an unexpected turn when they discover another emigrant ship adrift on the high seas; what they will find on board, however, will turn their passage into the promised land into a hair-raising nightmare. starring 1899, Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, Miguel Bernadeau, Maciej Musiał and Mathilde Ollivier.

Inside Job – Season Two

The second season of the adult animated series Inside Job is now available to stream. Inside Job is about the shadow government and the dysfunctional team whose daily job is to commit the world’s conspiracies, including the antisocial tech genius Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan). Inside Job Season 2 sees Reagan legitimately pissed off after her father, Rand (Christian Slater), regains control of Incognito Inc. and messes everything up. Also, the annoying deal with the genius mind of the Illuminati, Ron Stadler (Adam Scott), gets in the way.


Slumberland is a fantasy adventure film directed by Francis Lawrence and based on the comic. Little Nemo in Slumberlandby Winsor McCay. is the story of Nemo (Marlow Barkley), who after his father Peter (Kyle Chandler) is unexpectedly lost at sea, is sent to live in the city with his well-meaning but deeply awkward Uncle Phillip (Chris O’Dowd). His new school and his new routine are challenging during the day, but at night, a secret map to the fantastical world of Slumberland connects Nemo to Flip (Jason Momoa), a tough but lovable outlaw who becomes his companion and guide. Nemo and Flip soon find themselves on an incredible journey through dreams and running from nightmares, in which Nemo begins to hope to be reunited with his father.

Netflix: The best series and movies this weekend