New Year 2023: Between the natural and the supernatural

A new year begins. Begins 2023 of the Christian erawhich is followed in West, and it is very different from other religions and cultures. In the Jewish calendar, for example, we are in the year 5783, since, just as for us the year 0 of our era is the birth of Jesus Christ, for the Jewish tradition it is the culmination of the creation of the world, which according to Genesis it would have been October 7, 3790, with the creation of our first parents Adam and Eve. We could also comment on the Chinese or Muslim calendar, or even the Julian that follows the Russian Christian orthodoxy, different from the Gregorian, which is ours.

Despite the growing globalizationplanet Earth is the only one inhabited and habitable by man – until proven otherwise – and in the created universe it is smaller than a drop of water in the Pacific Ocean or a grain of sand in the Sahara, and despite it is very diverse and plural.

Serve this brief prologue to situate the problems of humanity in the dimension they acquire taking the Universe as a reference. In this past year we have reached the 8,000 million inhabitants on our planet and all the projections place us in a population scenario that would require, according to the globalists of the Davos World Forum and company, some drastic control measures of it, as well as other ecological ones to preserve the existence of Mother Earth and face climate change. By the way, these measures are the ones that, duly covered, appear in the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that define the 2030 Agenda, which is the strategy to be followed by humanity to arrive in due conditions of sustainability and resilience to that last year of our decade. It is striking that in a world that has democracy as the reference for a fair and legitimate government for nations and peoples, the globalists and scholars of those select forums have not been voted for by anyone for such lofty responsibilities and that affect us all. .

Although apparently I am leaving the usual script of commenting on and analyzing national and international politics, that is not my purpose and I appeal to the benevolence of the readers to allow me this apparent digression motivated by a change of year that, in my opinion, contains more uncertainties of the usual ones, and not only for merely natural reasons. In any case, in order to move from the abstract to the more concrete, clinging to our national origins, it is opportune to remember that precisely Today’s date, January 2, has a significant interest in our national history.. It was on January 2 of the year 40 of our Christian era, when according to accredited tradition, the Virgin -who lived in Ephesus and Jerusalem under the care of John the Evangelist, to whom the Lord entrusted this task from the Cross-, moved to Zaragoza in mortal flesh (actually, immortal) to strengthen the apostle Santiago, today our patron saint, in his evangelizing mission of Roman Hispania. And it was another January 2, 1492, when the Reconquest – of almost eight centuries! – culminated with the symbolic delivery of the keys to the capital of the kingdom of Granada to the Catholic Monarchs.

These two dates mark two milestones in the formation of our national and historical identity, which is inseparable from Christianity, as illustrious Hispanic historians such as Claudio Sánchez Albornoz and Menéndez Pidal, among others, have warned. Benedict XVIgreat lover of Spain -like Saint John Paul II, who affirmed “that for a reason the largest portion of the universal Church speaks with God and with his mother in Spanish”- traveled three times to Spainthe same as his homeland Germany, being the countries most visited by him in his not long Pontificate.

New Year 2023: Between the natural and the supernatural