“Nuclear energy to face the new challenges of the world”: Action Alessandria ready to stimulate debate

“Nuclear energy to face the new challenges of the world”: Action Alessandria ready to stimulate debate

ALESSANDRIA – Compared tonuclear energy the party Action will promote in the month of February ad Alexandria a series of public moments of confrontation and debate. “It deals with” underlined the deputy secretary of Azione Piemonte, John Barosini, and the provincial secretary of Action, Massimo Arlenghi,of one of the fundamental themes concerning our present and future. The goal is to make the entire Community more aware. We will obviously also and above all involve those who have a completely different vision from ours. Important is participation and lucid awareness on topics that may appear complex and distant”.

On nuclear power, in particular, two representatives of the ‘Energy and Environment’ working group of Alessandria spoke, the science communicator and professor of mathematics and physics Enrico D’Urso and the engineer and conservationist Joseph Abagnale.

“Nuclear power: Green solution or Greenwashing? Why should we reopen the nuclear debate to face the challenges of the modern world. Global warming, war in Ukraine, decrease in biodiversity, cost of energy. In recent years problems have been overlapping which until a few years ago were considered distant or impossible by people. However, the drought of 2022 and, before that, the Russo-Ukrainian war brought these problems to attention they require solutions and not temporary patches”.

“Energy problems affect both the environment and the economy. The economy would benefit enormously from the use of low or very low cost fossil fuels (such as coal) and from a general relaxation of environmental regulations but this would lead to a substantial increase in pollution which would turn, in the short term, into an increase in mortality from pollution and, in the long term, into a worsening of the greenhouse effect. The new collective awareness of these problems accelerated plans to abandon fossil fuels to switch to energy sources with a lower environmental impact, with notable differences between countries. Nations such as Spain and Germany, for example, are aiming for the total abandonment of nuclear energy and the use of only renewable energies (mostly wind and photovoltaic). Others are also introducing or increasing the share of nuclear power (such as Poland, the United Kingdom and Egypt) in parallel with large investments in renewables”.

“How is Italy positioned in all of this? The debate on nuclear power has resumed in recent months, after it was interrupted a decade ago following the Fukushima disaster. There is still no concrete plan for Italy since the positions of the parties are antithetical on this issue (as opposed to many other countries where majority and opposition are in agreement, as in Canada). A key part of solving a problem is understanding it and, therefore, be informed on the subject, about the causes of the problem and the consequences of possible solutions. Man has always been afraid of what he doesn’t know, of what he can’t explain. Ancient man was afraid of lightning and natural events in general and associated ergot food poisoning (Claviceps purpurea) with witchcraft”.

“Today we have all the tools to understand and heal but, in the past, the supernatural was blamed for these events. Nuclear power is also affected by this knowledge bias; due bias the lack of knowledge of the topic by the population, in turn due to a lack of dissemination of information by the government bodies that too often allow themselves to be conditioned by political currents rather than by objective data. Too often, in fact, there is a tendency to give credit to the words of journalists and commentators who, out of ignorance or malice, offer distorted visions of reality, establishing unfounded fears that spread like chain letters, obscure the real problems and delay the search for possible solutions. This translates in the most important problem of nuclear power: popular acceptance”.

“No one wants something they don’t know enough about or are even told is harmful. To this end, the local section of Action proposes a public discussion with the primary objective of clarifying doubts and answering questions about nuclear energy by making use of both those who support nuclear power and those who oppose it, and to make people understand the difference between real problems (such as the enormous bureaucratic chain of approval and control of the sector) from only perceived problems (such as waste management ). The public can and, indeed, is invited to participate and ask all questions related to the theme to the speakers who will offer answers that are as exhaustive and comprehensible as possible, also supported by data and studies. With this occasion everyone will be able to build their own opinion. It matters little whether or not this is in favor of nuclear power as long as it is an opinion based on correct information and not on hearsay. This and much more will be the subject of open discussion that we will organize in February in Alessandria”.

“Nuclear energy to face the new challenges of the world”: Action Alessandria ready to stimulate debate