Our review of Zothique No. 12 ∂Horror Magazine

The new number of Zothiquefantastic & weird culture magazine edited by Peter Guarriellois particularly interesting because it presents us with two fundamental writers – and unfortunately unjustly forgotten – of that literature popular which mixed science fantasy, horror and science fiction: Catherine L. Moore and Henry Kuttner.

Moorewho has always hidden her true identity by signing only initials (CL Moore, as she used to sign her works), became known thanks to the story Shambleaufirst published in the legendary magazine Weird Tales in 1933.

It is a story that revisits the myth of the Gorgon, interpreted in a heterodox way, and which is of particular importance in the history of literature. The reason is explained in the nice article signed by Domitilla Campanile.

According to Bell tower

Moore confronts the legend of Medusa arriving to give poetic organicity to the various interpretations that have been attempted of this figure, religious, psychoanalytic, anthropological, feminist, deconstructivist, magical.

Also dedicated to the American writer is the in-depth article by Laura Coci (fresh winner of the Premio Italia in the category “article in non-professional magazine”), female science fiction expert. You can find her many articles on the net, in the online magazine Vitamine Vaganti.

And again, Cora Buhlert signs a detailed analysis of two of Moore’s most important stories.

We also find a rare interview with Moore which allows us to discover many tasty anecdotes about its existence.

Can not miss some of the stories of CL Moore that perhaps, unlike those of Henry Kuttnerare still too immature even if they hint at enormous potential.

Henry Kuttner is the other great protagonist of this issue, a giant of horror and science fiction, introduced to us through the fine article by David Arecco.

And recently Guillermo Del Toroin the television series Netflix Cabinet of Curiosities (which also shows two adaptations of short stories by Lovecraft), presented the transposition of one of his mythical stories: the scary The graveyard rats.

The stories published in this issue of Zothique are very good, starting from Kraliz’s Secretinfluenced by Lovecraft as well The Strange Case of Mr. Geech.

The Extraordinary Power of Edwin Cobalt Instead, it reminded me of certain paradoxes about the nature of reality Philip K. Dick and strangely I found it similar, in some ways, to the novel Moustache Of Emmanuel Carrere which was based somewhat on the same idea.

Kuttner’s essay is also very interesting, The touch of horror: the foundation of weird fiction in which he points out that a good weird story must be based on atmosphere, reticence and a solid foundation of familiarity before introducing the supernatural element.

Of course Kuttnerearly in his career (as well as Robert Bloch and Fritz Leiber) was greatly influenced by Lovecraft even if, as on the other hand declared by the same Leiber in the article here The Many Faces of Henry Kuttnerhe distanced himself from it by taking new paths.

The cover is, as always, excellent Gino Carosini while inside the file it is enriched by numerous illustrations.

Ultimately an issue not to be missed that fills a void in relation to these two writers.

Our review of Zothique No. 12 ∂Horror Magazine