Paper Girls Complete T.1

Like many current series, such as Stranger Things to name but one, the author takes us back to the 1980s with four teenage girls. Four young schoolgirls with very different characters, even almost complementary for what awaits them during this dawn of the day after Halloween…

Mac, full name Mackenzie, is a legend among newspaper carriers for being the first girl to join the service. A real tomboy, always with a cigarette in her mouth and her Walkman headphones in her ears: she’s a real rebel from a penniless family who can’t be counted. The equally tough KJ experiences prejudice from his rather well-heeled Jewish family. This does not prevent the young woman from getting by and handling the field hockey stick better than anyone. Tiffany is a young adopted African-American who dreams of becoming an engineer. And finally Erin, a young Asian hoping one day to join NASA. Suffice to say that between them, there are enough muscles and gray matter to face this strange future…

As the sky turns an otherworldly pink, after our heroines butt heads with a gang of thugs continuing to celebrate Halloween into the wee hours of the morning, time seems to stand still. People already awake at this time, or not yet in bed, suddenly disappear while hooded men prowl. Besides the sky in the same colors as the cover of this album, the sabir of these men is strange. As well as their machine, probably space, discovered in the basement of a dwelling under construction where the teenage girls have found refuge.

Paper Girls Complete T.1 - By Brian K. Vaughan & Cliff Chiang - Urban Comics
©Cliff Chiang / Urban Comics

Brian K. Vaughan manages, with his natural and spontaneous replies, to integrate the reader as the fifth link in the team. While the drawing of Cliff Chiang, thickly inked, takes us on the heels of our four heroines when they find themselves propelled into a temporal “fold” sending them to the 21st century with an Erin now in her forties! But that’s not the only surprise… the pursuers of the disfigured teenagers, met in 1988, are there, as well as monstrous creatures. What make you want to quickly get out of this time, but how?!

Erin, KJ, Tiffany and Mac are going to have to trust their instincts and dive into the folds that present themselves at a frantic pace, relayed with dynamism by the graphics which, while maintaining a consistent colorimetry from era to era, having made the choice of dazzling hues, gloomy mornings for more perilous scenes, adapts to different destinations to allow the reader to quickly identify the approximate timeline.

Three books which, put end to end, are ultimately read quickly as the action is omnipresent, pushing the reader into a frenzied reading rhythm.

But beware of the TV series adaptation which may surprise new fans wishing to immerse themselves in this science fiction saga. The lack of methodical follow-up of the plot of the comics, as was the case for The Sandman which has only allowed itself a few minor changes, however, risks disconcerting more than one!

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