Party in Pontedera for the inauguration of the new Dino Carlesi school complex

Ribbon cutting yesterday, on the eve of the new year, of the Dino Carlesi school complex in Pontedera. A building born from the ‘ashes’ of the abandoned building that for years has stood a stone’s throw from the cemetery and the shopping center in via Terracini. Now in place of a half-finished structure there is a new school that will host the Curtatone middle schools and the Saffi elementary schools from today for a total of about 600 students. The construction of the new complex gives a solution to the problems of school building, due to seismic vulnerability, which affected the headquarters of the Istituto Comprensivo Curtatone and Montanara, and which involved 8 primary classes and 15 of the lower secondary school.
The center, built by the Cemes company, is spread over two floors and is equipped with thematic classrooms, laboratories, offices, common areas, an auditorium and a gym.

“When on 7 July 2021 we found ourselves handling the news of the forced closure of Curtatone, we found ourselves in one of those dark, moonless nights. Over 600 children without their school. Over 600 families to whom to give answers, explanations and, above all, perspectives. An entire city wounded – underlines the mayor Matteo Franconi – after 14 months we are here today to deliver a completely new, large, safe ‘house’ to the school. A structure not yet fully completed and with several details still to be filed . But a certain pier to land in. Someone called it a miracle; I disagree: miracles happen due to a supernatural intervention. This instead is the result, undoubtedly exceptional, of 14 months of effort and determination , of a dream clinging to reality with a mad and desperate job “.

“What we are inaugurating today is actually just a preview since the official, public and definitive inauguration will only take place at the end of the last lots, it is the extraordinary fruit of an endless series of masterpieces that we have had the skill and luck of connect, together, elements directed towards a single goal: the emergency management of this last school year, the construction of a path first to be invented and then to be realized, the construction of a school built from the rubble of a building monster for years on the outskirts of the city “adds the mayor.

“In Pontedera, a major investment operation on the younger generations is completed which puts a complicated emergency situation behind it and opens a phase of hope for the future of the city and its community” underline the governor of the Region Eugenio Giani and the regional councilor for education Alessandra Nardini, who thanked the mayor and the municipal administration for being able to manage a critical phase for the educational community of the city and at the same time plan a complex urban regeneration work that had as its perspective main a clear investment in the future.

The president recalled how the commitment of the Region was fundamental, which supported the Municipality with 3.5 million euros of regional resources, of which half a million before, in 2020, to offer temporary accommodation to the complexes destined for kindergarten and subsequently, in 2021, 3 million to allow the administration to purchase the new school complex.

Party in Pontedera for the inauguration of the new Dino Carlesi school complex