‘Pasapalabra’ has a winner (and it’s not Orestes)

Pass word‘ already has a new winner. The program that occupies the afternoons of Antenna 3 has dispensed with the contestants who have aspired to win the jackpot for months, Orestes and Rafa, and has opted for a new format for special occasions. The departure of both applicants, who are followed by a large audience every afternoon, It has surprised some viewers but it is common on television.

The last time that ‘Pasapalabra’ has decided to carry out a special program and temporarily suspend the development of the daily contest It was this Monday for the celebration of Halloween. To do this, both the presenter, Roberto Leal, and the guests came dressed up and perfectly camouflaged with the spirit of this party that honors death and the supernatural.

It was a special program for Halloween and, as such, the contestants were also special. On this occasion, Orestes and Rafa were replaced by two well-known former participants: Javier Dávila and Marisa. The first one beat the well-known Pablo Díaz, against whom he lived epic afternoons until he took over the boat from Pasapalabra. The second, Marisa, was measured with Orestes before Rafa’s entry to the contest for 16 consecutive programs.

Both, when returning to the set, they highlighted their joy at being back and agreed that their perspective on ‘Pasapalabra’ had changed because now they understood “much better” what the contestants felt. Both Javier Dávila and Marisa participated in this special Halloween program, in which there was a jackpot of 100,000 euros.

The development of this special edition of ‘Pasapalabra’ was identical to that of the usual space, although with the exception that both the guests and the presenter were perfectly characterized as historical or fantasy characters since the contestants were not the usual ones. The prize also varied, since instead of the jackpot of more than one million euros currently at stake, the reward was 100,000 euros if any of the applicants won the donut, or 6,000 euros if they won the contest but not the jackpot.

Who won Pasapalabra?

The duel between Javier Dávila and Marisa in ‘Pasapalabra’ kept the excitement going practically until the end of the contest. First it was Marisa who failed, which prevented her from becoming the winner of the donut; meanwhile, Javier Dávila kept his options intact and showed that he had a chance of winning the pot because he made no mistakes. When he barely had two words left to complete the donut, the contestant missed his answer on the letter S.

That finalized his chances of getting the 100,000 euro jackpot for this special Pasapalabra but automatically made him the winner of the Halloween program and the 6,000 euro reward for having more correct answers than Marisa. So, finally, Javier Dávila became the winner of this ‘Pasapalabra’ so special, not only for its Halloween theme, but also for the fact that it allows the audience to see two contestants who are very loved by viewers again on screen.

‘Pasapalabra’ has a winner (and it’s not Orestes)