Pelé and the most famous non

Football can be explained with that chapter of “South Park” in which they come to the conclusion that “The Simpsons” have already done everything. Anything that is tried will already have been done by Pelé. The impossible dribbles, the most spectacular shots, everything was already in Pelé’s head and feet. Even those goals that he invented and that he could not score in the World Cup in Mexico 70, when he was at the top of his career and surrounded by possibly the best team in history. Pele has done it all before.

The maximum expression of his imagination were those non-goals that remained in the collective memory. Especially the one who did not score against Uruguay in the semifinals of the 70 World Cup. The rival and the moment attach more importance to the work, although at that moment the Brazilians had already won 3-1 and the game was coming to an end.

Pelé and the most famous non-goals in history