Persona 5 Royal

Ready to go back to school!

Persona 5 Royal or P5R for friends, is not a newcomer to the world of video games because its basic version has been available since 2017. The Royal version arrived in 2019 but in any case, it was not on Xbox. So, patience has its virtues because we have the version in the Xbox Game Pass which means it’s worth it? FYI, Persona are games in the “universe” of Shin Megami Tensei like Soul Hackers 2 which made me happy this summer!

The first boss is in his underwear! Yes yes !

To put it simply, the Royal version is one more quarter in our history as well as all the additional content. Basically, you can prepare for 120 hours of gameplay! I’m not even saying that jokingly. Quantity equals Quality?

In Persona 5 Royal, you are the protagonist. You are arrested after the tutorial and forced to sign a confession. At the time, to sign, I almost wrote “My balls on your nose” but as I suspected that it would be my name in the game, I opted for an easier name to wear. Because after your “confession”, you tell how you ended up there. We then discover that you are a high school student on probation and your sense of justice will lead you to make a pact with the supernatural to save the city. I make it simple but basically you will save the city with powers. Powers allowing you to use your Persona, your spirit in a way. In short, the game is not stingy in explanation and this will be punctuated by your school life.

It’s not Miraculous!

Indeed, the life of a high school student is also about taking the train, hanging out in the streets and making friends with his classmates. The lazy part is not unpleasant and it’s quite funny to see the modeling of certain districts like those of the stations to nab your line. It remains far from the realization of a Yakuza because we pass through the passers-by, the camera angles are a bit farted and the interactions are not so numerous but it helps to give cachet to the game.


I play it humble though!

And Persona 5 Royal likes to play it classy at all times. Even if technically, the phases sometimes lack fluidity (we are still talking about a PS3 game at the base and a title from 2017), we have what it takes in terms of design, charisma and poses that throw it off. We can not customize as we would like but it looks good. Your hero has a face and we understand that he was able to make his mark in the last Smash Bros!


Bim Bam Boom!

On the gameplay side, we have exploration with its small phases of very guided platforms or infiltration. It’s not super fluid but P5R tries to compensate with a bit of staging. On the combat side, the turn-based system is well done and it has largely proven itself. If you played Soul Hackers 2 this summer, you won’t be lost because we find the same type of menu and the exploitation of the opponent’s weaknesses.


Well, let’s go to karaoke after school!

It’s true that P5R is not always polished technically and that the game is cheerfully talkative for not always much, but we mustn’t hide our face. Persona 5 Royal is a huge, classy JRPG that has plenty to keep you busy without you seeing the time. In short, he is one of the first in the class!

Persona 5 Royal – With Potatoes!