Premiere of the fourth season of ‘Servant’ on Apple TV +. Includes first impressions

AppleTV+ release this friday january 13 the fourth and final season of Servantthe addictive mystery horror drama created by Tony Basgallop (Hotel Babylon)

After the intriguing ending of the previous installment, this fourth and final season will take the story of the Turners to what seems to be an epic and emotional conclusion in equal parts. The war of an increasingly mysterious Leanne with the Church of Santos Menores intensifiesputting in danger Spruce Street, the city of Philadelphia and beyond.

Meanwhile, a shattered Turner family must not only face the growing threat of Leanne, but to the fact that Dorothy is waking up. As the Turner house continues to fall apart, we will finally have answers after so much stretching of the mystery: Who is Leanne Grayson? And who is the child that she dwells in her home?

The final season of 10 episodes stars Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free Y rupert grintamong others.

First impressions of the fourth season of Servant

The long-awaited end is near. The need for answers will be satisfied. Or maybe not? As the series has developed so far, anyone trusts Basgallop, Shyamalan and company, because they have stretched the gum so much that the task of Closing a story like this meeting the expectations of its viewers seems like a rather complicated task.. They don’t care for leaving us with our mouths open or with our hands on our foreheads. Who knows! What we do know is that, whatever it is, we want to be witnesses of everything that happens and both are perfectly aware of it.

These first three episodes that we have been able to see they are pure chaos composed of action, references to the genre, unpleasant moments, black humor and a camera work that reaches its zenith. A macabre fictional fantasy where we see how a family descends to hell while the world around him -his house and his street, which his sights do not go much further- collapses with them. Of course, it is not that the series is worried about giving us answers at the moment, but if it continues on this path perhaps its outcome can become in turn its best season.

In this first hour and a half, the delicious power game between Leanne Y Dorothy, with the supernatural nanny trying to please while caring for a Dorothy who, now bedridden, recovers from her spectacular fall. But of course, between them peace is no longer possibleand their relationship develops in what seems a clever homage to ‘Misery’. Meanwhile, Julian is still a servant of Leanne and be he keeps escaping reality by wasting money on complicated recipes. As if that were not enough, a probable new threat settles in the Turner house, which will lead Leanne to rethink her position.

In this way, the first three episodes of the last season of Servant they’re so snappy and funny that they go by in a jiffy, even more so than some of the best episodes of the series. and although nothing really happens to advance the plot everything feels as addictive, intriguing and mesmerizing as everthanks in large part to the short duration of its chapters. It is a formula that Basgallop and Shyaman have masterfully refined over the years., and I hope they get the final result to live up to their absurd originality. The worst thing is that, even if its outcome reminds us of that of ‘Game of Thrones’it will have been worth this unique trip between these four decadent walls.

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Premiere of the fourth season of ‘Servant’ on Apple TV +. Includes first impressions – The Spoiler