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In Amnesia: Memories, we embody a heroine who, particularly cliché in video games, wakes up one fine day without any memory. Fortunately, she can count on the help of a spirit called Orion who, throughout the adventure, will give her advice on how to behave with others and how to recover her lost memories. Small precision however: we speak of the adventure, but there are in fact several. Indeed, at the end of the prologue, you have to choose a world, each of them being linked to a different potential boyfriend (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades), knowing that a fifth world is unlocked later for a ultimate ”road”, as it is called in games of the genre.

The ace of clubs that stings your heart

Typically, in otomes, the story takes a bit of time to come together and love stories take a while to settle down. Here, we are launched directly into this – whoever tells several stories says less life for each of them, so need to go faster – sinceAmnesia: Memories takes things upside down: our heroine is already in a relationship, but she doesn’t remember anything. It is therefore necessary both to try to find his memories but also to understand what the relationship of the moment is based on, by choosing appropriately when different dialogue options are available to us. Fortunately, you can always go back if you ever want to change a choice.

If we find in each world the same characters, these do not necessarily have the same links with the heroine. For example, a character who is only a distant acquaintance in a world can be in the world following a co-worker. What a little renew the experience each time and remain surprised from start to finish. Especially since each story is new and adds a small brick to the building, all these scenarios sharing the same background but not unpacking all the details at once. Some things that remain a mystery in the first two routes can for example be explained in the following ones. So you have to do all the stories to understand everything, knowing that each world has a good ending, a basic ending and several bad endings.

Amnesia: Memories

I forgot my husband

Be that as it may, all these stories are generally pleasant to read, sometimes with hints of humor, the supernatural or emotion, especially since they can count on a fairly endearing cast. Apart from the boyfriends, who are all entitled to their very cliché character of course (the flirty, the bully, etc.) but who in the end are all very touching in their own way (even if they are initially quite unpleasant, we’re not going to lie to each other), Amnesia: Memories contains a handful of secondary characters that we learn to appreciate. Starting of course with Orion, who serves as both friend, narrator and guide, even if getting used to his presence still requires a little time to adapt. Be careful though: unlike other otomes, this title is essentially based on love stories and does not tell a real compelling secondary story, as could do for example a Collar x Malice which dealt with a terrorist threat and the investigation surrounding it. There are many mini-games, but nothing very exciting.

Amnesia: Memories

On the technical side, however, everything is not all rosy. Amnesia: Memories first of all enjoy a particularly successful sound environment, with background music that fits perfectly with the atmosphere as well as impeccable Japanese dubbing (the texts are only in English, as usual, and with a few typos) . Visually speaking, we end up with very nice artworks, but sometimes we can’t help but think that the realization here is a bit cheap, the fault of the environments that are really very succinct or even moments that happen only on the background black, as if the budget (or the motivation) lacked to illustrate all the passages of the game. Nothing very off-putting of course, but still enough to prevent it from ranking at the top of the visual basket of otomes.

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