Review of “Stories of any kind”, by Moisés Cárdenas, by Benedicto González Vargas

stories of any kindby Moisés Cárdenas (Solaris of Uruguay, 2022). Available for free download on the Lektu platform

stories of any kind
Moses Cardenas
Editorial Solaris of Uruguay
Montevideo (Uruguay), 2022
53 pages

I recently finished reading stories of any kind, by the Venezuelan narrator and poet Moisés Cárdenas. I have known the profound poetry of Moisés for a couple of years, when I read his books sleep sulam Y The silence in its own oblivion, in addition to other poems published in various anthologies and literary magazines, but I had not had the opportunity to approach his narrative. With stories of any kind I have been able to learn about his talent as a narrator, which has allowed me to travel through his personal imagination, through those looks and concerns that give life to the sixteen stories that make up this work.

Crosses all these short stories a dynamism and vitality that make reading them a very interesting experience, because it is difficult to put the book aside. Each story is a new invitation that is difficult to refuse. On the other hand, these stories are configuring very striking images, since the precise and careful sensuality that they present unleashes our own imagination, which reproduces in our brain, with bright and vivid colors, the situations, characters and actions that unfold in their pages. . When his modesty prevents him from explaining the exact word, almost always alluding to a sexual situation, he looks for ingenious comparisons that leave no doubt as to what he means.

It is possible to recognize in each of these stories situations as everyday as common fantasies, and yet Moisés Cárdenas offers us new perspectives, new contexts, often unexpected and always surprising. With a language that is not far-fetched, the author always seeks to express his message in a clear and forceful way.

But there is an aspect in several of these stories that I cannot fail to mention, since it has been, for me, the most striking thing in this encounter with the Venezuelan narrator: the always striking mixture of the sensual with the fantastic, the extraordinary, the unexpected. . That which arises beyond the natural and, without monopolizing the interest or focus of the text, gives it a brushstroke of amazing projection towards the territories of the supernatural. Let’s look at two examples:

He ran his hands over his body to see if he was alive. He noticed that he was no longer the same. Immediately he looked for a mirror. To his surprise, he was wearing a pink silk dress and silver heels on his feet. Startled by his reflection, he tried to remove his garments. At the moment that he was touching the clothes, they knocked several times at the door of the house. Listening, he tried to take off his clothes, but he couldn’t, they were stuck to his skin. He forced a thousand times. There was a silence and Semur was trapped.

Or this other:

…suddenly, from the sky, a sphere fell in the center of the garden. I ran to see her. It was a silver colored object with black edges. I put on my gloves, and carefully touched her. She turned gently. She opened and a white rose came out that gave off an angelic symphony.

The text is crossed by several interventions of this type that give it a supernatural halo that joins the already mentioned sensuality.

Definitely, stories of any kind It is a collection of short stories, some micro-stories, that can be read very easily, causing us surprise, some sensual tremors, an indelible corporeal image of the characters, a smile and the sensation of an addictively pleasant reading moment.

Finally, it should be noted that this book can be downloaded for free from the Lektu platform.

I invite you to read it and comment on it!

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Review of “Stories of any kind”, by Moisés Cárdenas, by Benedicto González Vargas