REVIEW | Terrifier 2: gore and brutal deaths for horror fans

The blood, guts, brains and shattered skulls are part of the proposal for Terrifier 2a film made for those who like gore cinema.

Mexico City, January 12 (However).- The moment awaited by the followers of gore and slasher cinema has arrived: Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown It is already in Mexican movie theaters to test all attendees with a lot of blood, disgusting moments and brutal deaths.

what is it about Terrifier 2? The film is set a year after the Miles County Massacre – which occurs in the first film – for which Art the Clown is responsible.

Now, the sinister clown returns to wreak havoc in his wake, and especially to a family that includes a young man named Jonathan, who seems to have an obsession with Art and his murders, and his older sister Sienna, an artist who, at Like his father, he has a link to drawing and art.

A supernatural and demonic apparition guides Art the Clown towards the brothers to inflict great pain on them.

This proposal is like fresh air for lovers of horror since it shows the creative freedom that an independent film allows: the deaths are bloodier and more explicit (if possible) than in the first part and something that stands out A lot is that on this occasion Damien Leone, director and screenwriter, takes the time to develop a story, allows him to meet Sienna and Jonathan and even reveals the reason for the film’s title, something that is undoubtedly a great point in favor.

The story is absurd, it lacks any real sense and that precisely makes it work very well, it is not known if it is a nightmare or reality, but since Terrifier 1 It became clear that there are supernatural elements that are now being exploited to give this cinematographic proposal a particular touch.

The gore aesthetic is part of the charm of Terrifier 2 that leads the viewer to remember the 80s with its image, production and classic elements, like the girl who stands up to him (without giving spoilers). You can even think of the influence of Stephen King for that of the killer clown who also usually eats his victims, but Art the Clown offers a shameless carnage.

Art the Clown returns to Miles County. Photo: Courtesy Imagem Films Mx

It is very important to make it clear that Terrifier 2 It is not a movie for everyone and this is something that may not work in its favor, the deaths are explicit, there are disgusting moments and a dark humor that only those who are regulars of gore can embrace.

Also, it seems like they could have saved 15 minutes of their length and all would be fine.

Terrifier 2 It is a film for lovers of blood, if this is not part of your cinematographic tastes, it is better to take your vomit bag or better not go.

Nancy Chavez

Journalist graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), editor of the Magazine supplement focused on culture, entertainment, gastronomy, travel and current affairs.

REVIEW | Terrifier 2: gore and brutal deaths for horror fans